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  1. Does this also fix the issue where Aquasys 120 wasn't being recognized by the printer?
  2. Is there a way that we can get notified if printer has an error showing up during a print? Thanks, Sid
  3. Thanks I updated using LAN. ok will have to prepare a logfile and ask them for support.
  4. Hi Torgier, I have S5 yes and its updated to 5.8.1. I still see this error. I dont think this firmware is working
  5. Ok I skipped the welcome setup. and then turned the printer off. INstalled the material plugin on Cura. restarted Cura. Then restarted printer. Connected via ethernet to the printer. Again the same ER998 error
  6. Hey thanks for the reply. So, I tried resetting the printer settings on the printer. It first showed up with the error ER998 and then, when i restarted it showed up with welcome setup page. First confirm glass plate. Second install air manager, third changed material - I did this twice now but it still is stuck here and expects me to change material again and again.
  7. Hi, So I am able to add this material to Cura. When I restart cura, the printer goes into error 998. Tried this at least 10 times now and its the same. I install the material, it works fine. Can someone suggest a solution?
  8. spsid13

    Aquasys 120

    I have same issues. Did you find a fix?
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