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  1. OK, the printing something else sorta works. It basically rewinds *some* of the filament, then gets unhappy it's taking too long, and craps out with an error message. I have to power cycle the machine, send another print through. I've done it 3 times now and it just fixed itself. Thanks for the tip, but I really wish I had better manual control over this versus "faking" the machine into doing what I need it to.
  2. Hrmm, interesting. I waited a couple hours and it pulled back the filament from the OTHER core, but it left the one that's stuck. I'll try printing something small and see if it works? I'm really bummed out at all the corner cases that get this expensive machine stuck. :(
  3. I did a print last night and it failed, and it blew out past the bowden tubes and coiled all around the inside of the printer. Aborting the job is fine, but now the printer is stuck saying "Extruder 2: Material in use" so I can't make it unload it. I've tried rebooting it several times (the material station, the UM5, everything) but it's still jammed. How can I fix this?
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately I've lost the logs since I flashed the firmware since. It did one successfuly print after I flashed it, then it gave me an error code as some filament got wrapped around the Z axis threaded rod, I removed it but it didn't quit complaining so I power cycled it, and then it bricked again. :( I'm just finishing flashing it again. Unrelated note: are there any micro SD card extensions I can use with the Ultimaker S5? Having to tear apart the station to turn it upside to flash it is a bit scary given how big of a unit it is - I'd rather if I could
  5. I recently wrote the attached thread, and the advice given to me by support was to reboot the printer. I did, but now it turns on, shows the Ultimaker S5 logo and the material station lights up (notably not the load/unload buttons though), and doesn't progress. Can I somehow factory reset this? Note the web portal doesn't seem to load either. )
  6. Support told me I had to reset the ultimaker so I did that. Now it's just blinking lights for the last hour but not booting up. :( Any tips or tricks to get out of this? I'd like to restart my print if so.
  7. I really wish there was a "soft reboot" or something. Some way of telling the U5 "Hey, rescan for material please", or a way to manually tell it to choose what bay to use.
  8. In case it helps here's some pictures. Originally the filament was in the empty bay, but I've moved it over to the second from the left and tagged it as CPE (the material I'm trying to use). You'll note the empty bay is still blue and the screen on the ultimaker is still complaining about bay 3.
  9. Thanks for the replies! I ended up clipping the material and removing it, and it still thinks the spool is "out". I've moved the spool to another bay and still nothing, although I've only given it 5 minutes. I'll try for 10 now. It is non ultimaker material. The firmware is 6.2.
  10. A bit more context in case it helps: The ultimaker S5 says: "Changing material: paused". The ... menu has 'pause' greyed out, abort is available and tune, but I don't want to abort and tune doesn't seem to let me do anything to get me out of my current state. If I go to the material station UI on the printer, it shows an exclamation mark over the material I want to use, clicking on it it says "Material spool is empty". All the UI buttons are greyed out (which is a shame; I would love a "retry" or something here) If I look at the material station itself, my
  11. I tried to change my material this morning because I have a 9 day print that's 2 days away from being done. But now it's stuck on 'paused' despite material being in the loading bay. I feel like I need to somehow 'reboot' it to wake it up, but obviously I don't want to mess up the print that's paused. Is there anything I can do?
  12. I'd like to add NFC tags to some of the common material I buy. Ideally I could set it up to be a profile in cura, buy a couple of cheap NFC tags that i label appropriately, and slap them on spools when I load them so my material station knows whats-what. Is it possible to do this?
  13. Just got my Ultimaker S5 and I'm loving it. That said, the 'cooldown' at the end takes forever, and it really sucks to endure when I'm just going to build something else right away (especially when I get my second glass bed I can chuck in there while the other one cools down). There's a 'skip cooldown' feature that is greyed out however, but seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. How do I get this to work? In the meantime, is powercycling the machine to skip the cooldown OK, or does it cause some sort of problem? Thanks!
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