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  1. Printed excellent Ultimaker TPU 95A, but tried to unload filament just moved about 5 mm and stopped hearing the gear still working until normal end cycle. Tried relief the tension on the filament by flipping the level and pulling the filament but no go ....it stretches repeated the above two methods several times but no go what's the best next step? Thanks
  2. It's better but has this test Blender set to MM units.... 200MM cube created Cura says too small scaling up size is 5MM scaled up to 2500% Blender same saved cube in OBJ Cura: object too small scaling up size 0.2 scaled up to 100% Before change to MM Cura file corrupt etc. or scale up Changed to MM Cura recognized the object but size is not accurate Uninstalled Blender plug-in from Cura No change on before and after Some progress is better than none
  3. in Blender save model to export to OBJ format and Cura reads the file and increases the size 5 to 6 times in xyz save same model in Blender format, Cura reads it too small increasing size or file is empty, corrupt etc. What to do next???? Thanks cura 4.10 blender 2.93
  4. My supplier gave me a refund on the Jabil SEBS 1300 95A filament too many odd problems........very glad have a excellent S5 machine which narrows down the problem to others Hats Off to development team
  5. Air Manager on order no material station Went into configuration folder and uninstall Jabil 1300 95A Quick Cura started Cura message install Jabil and sync settings, extruder one, and material shows Jabil and others third party materials for the first time set up model select Jabil had to over ride warning after 10 minutes of printing it stopped indicating empty spool in fact spool full with no tangles whatsoever material easy to pull out by hand Resume printing Brim printed well and firm to glass plate but f
  6. latest firmware installed yesterday and firewall disable I tried looking for the folder with third party materials and/or Ultimaker's materials but could not....any idea where?
  7. when I try your suggestion warning ATTENTION materials do not match between Cura and printer settings. Their is a override box with a warning printer damage possible with wrong confirmation...... Should I OVERRIDE?????
  8. Jabil is selectable in Cura but does not show on selecting a material on my S5.....there are other third party filament available...uninstalled and installed Jabil but no luck What's the next step? Thanks Cura 4.9.1
  9. Thanks for the epoxy tip with mold making .......will keep it in mind sounds like a solid method to get what's needed...... already bought the TC Clear ......checking several different sources, let's about 90% of the light through.......the rest fog like
  10. Thanks for the tip on elmers wood glue watered down.......a have a about a gallon of it.......
  11. I dry my PVA for about 20 hours before printing, then.... when printing have dryer temp at 35C Try loading material process of PVA and after pressing confirm, PVA starts flowing......look for issues
  12. Difference between hell and heaven S5 is my heavenly delight
  13. Thanks for the tip ColorFabb HT Clear Filament - 2.85mm (0.70kg) | MatterHackers $50.00 Free shipping
  14. Need a clear filament for reproduction of a old search light "lens" on a boat. Hopeful just like a glass pane on a window......is something like that available or maybe close to it??? Thanks
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