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  1. Thank You for your analysis about this issue... Will take your advice when I have time.....
  2. I uninstalled all Cura programs from version 4 to 5.6.0. Then installed 5.6.0 and all profiles are selectable. However, when selection some non-ultimate material some of a profile selection missing or material not supported. I have been using PLA PETG in the past moving into other materials causing issues. Thank You cura.log
  3. Lost Profiles on 5.6.0 Cura on my S5. List is Fine, Normal and Fast Only.... Thanks
  4. Yah...I have the same problem wifi on, S5 is on, printer ready, job sent in transit...my S5 said printer off line in red new problem more than one person
  5. The red rose looks acceptable, but the model with the lance looks too rugged......no real smooth surfaces through out. Wonder if the quality of the filament is in question. I purchased a $15.00 1 kilo spool and has some layers not smooth or gaps....might also be speed increased in settings menu too high or temperature setting for nozzle incorrect??? When was the last time you lube the rails or cleaned the feeder/nozzle ???? Look at spec sheet on the package for recommended settings do that first.....
  6. Tried to print a grid pattern for Archaeology survey but Cura filled in the spaces, and should Not..... Same error on the latest release and the new beta Nozzle 0.8 S5 latest Firmware installed
  7. The top portion of your model has very thin features, like thickness of no more than 2mm thick. Cura prints about "TWO LAYERS" not enough to form a shape...It's like trying to print a cube of 2mm size
  8. Nozzle diameter and layer height explained (wevolver.com)
  9. I have my seat belt on and ready for the ride!!!!
  10. Do you mind sharing your CAD file on your project? I have a future project of using wings on and underwater application. You can post the file on the forum and will try it on my S5.... Thanks Have you tried a .25 nozzle?
  11. Exactly what happens when using too many Bool Tool when creating a model......
  12. In Blender Click on File, look down on list click on EXPORT and show all export formats STL and Wavefront(OBJ) are the best to use..... Try OBJ
  13. Looks like problems I experienced with Blender, by the dots, squares and color in the model displayed in Cura.... Suggest making a 2D sketch and then extrude it. Makes a better model than using too many Bool Tools operations. Try export in Blender to OBJ file or STL file .....sometime help from little to almost good Help more provide different views of model in Blender to maybe understand the problem more...
  14. Take a Bow for the designer on the new Digital Factory Display
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