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  1. Set up Units setting in FreeCad to mm then import into Cura excellent results Set Units in Blender to m or mm or cm import into Cura scales model up to ten thousands percent or more Imperial units in Blender Cura goes crazy no original model even using "convert to metric" plug-in is their a solution to this problem? Thanks Cura 4.8 Blender 2.92
  2. 4.9 did not print from second nozzle for the first layer on my S5. Aborted ...... Excellent print on 4.8
  3. Thanks Ady for pointing me to Post Processing..... Now I know what it means
  4. PVA in water temp 125 degrees F for over two hours turned into a gel state and overnight room temp 70F and some dissolved in the water but a glop of gel remained.....Yah, hard stuff to remove.....
  5. After Cura has print 9.1 mm height in the Z axes, stop the print, and insert nut in model. How is it done? Search in Cura "pause" not helpful Thanks
  6. My advice is go back to 4.8 ... I did save time too many issues with 4.9 I had the same problem no sync, and 4.9 is very slow on input new numbers in settings on my AMD Threadripper
  7. Famous Wind Turbine Ultimaker 4.9 new release small portion of inside wing printed .....left out over 90% of wing front right wing wing collapsed on collision with nozzle infill poor other wing solid S5 default PLA settings cubic subdivision
  8. Sorry to report but your link to the tutorial is a 404 4/23/2021 On my S5 draft mode 10 percent infill all parts estimate is 8 hours 50 minutes
  9. On Preview menu clicked on camera icon screen turns little whitish can't see anything ......also job finished printing on display of S5 but Cura indicates only 59% completed Print can out very good for draft settings..........my Fist Print on S5 and I am impressed Certainly easy set .........Thanks Ulitmaker
  10. Exactly what I need too......thank you for your time and effort to make 3D printing enjoyable
  11. Created a model in Blender say 20cm by 15cm and Cura does not convert to same size like 100 x smaller then scale model up cuz too small. When importing model Cura gives the warning, model too small, scaling model to fit, and displayed on build plate. it size is about 50mm by 100 mm. What's the trick to convert it right ......I am brand new to Cura..... Just bought S5 delivery in a few days....Also can Units be changed to imperial instead of mm? Thanks for the help Bill
  12. Like to change Unit setting mm to cm or imperial? How is it done? Thanks
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