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  1. Thanks! I think it might not have been possible before, because I am a new member and had no rights, but now I could updateit 😉
  2. Now I just gotta find out how to mark this post as solved 😂
  3. Thanks for the idea! The File I uploaded was already from the SD-Card, so it at least seems like it was fine. I found the Problem: I was using an microSD-Card with adapter, and somehow this caused the problem (even if I don't know why exactly..).
  4. I'm not sure when exactly this problem first occured, but I think it might have come with Cura 4.9. My printer is printing perfectly, until it suddenly stops in the middle of a layer. After slicing the file multiple times and also changing the 3D-Model a little, it still always is the same layer it stops in. Neither does the display freeze, nor does the Printer cool down, it just stops in the middle of the inner wall. I already took a look at the G-Code, but can't find anything (not that I am a Pro in inspecting G-Codes...). I am using an SD-Card, and also had the problem with a prin
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