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  1. Yah, I'm sure I did something stoopid and had no clue I did it. Newbies... gotta luv 'em. I'm rechecking all my cutters now and editing them all just to be on the safe side. I'm just glad it wasn't something severe like my printer being configure wrong, or I blew something up, or some other such newbie thing. I can't even tell you... I've spent an entire week just trying to get my BLTouch to work correctly. So many Youtube vids and forums - but thank God - learning can be fun! LOL! Never hurts to expand the old brain. Wait... yes it does. It hurts bad.
  2. Got cha! Makes sense. Just confused on why the ones I did not resize printed out fine before, but now they won't. Strangeness... thanks again.
  3. Ah! I found that setting and I will give that a try to see how it turns out. I'm really not familiar with all the settings in the software yet, but this one sounds useful. All this learning is making my brain hurt. Thanks again! I can't believe how helpful you guys are.
  4. Thank you both (Robert & Smithy). I think you have identified the problem. Robert you were correct about the walls being too thin. It only happens on the cookie cutters that I have resized. Whew! I feel so much better now. I thought this was going to be yet another pain in the backside to get this resolved. It's just weird that the cutters I have downloaded from "CookieCad" all printed out just fine. Now they won't print completely, only the base prints. But thank you much for your help - at least now I have a solution.
  5. But they printed fine not more than 5 hours ago. I think I'm limited on how many posts I can make so please forgive if I'm unable to reply. I will try to slice something else that doesn't have thin walls to see how that works out. It seems that it's not working with ANY of my STL files. What's puzzling is that a few hours ago everything was fine. Nothing has changed and I just got my BLTouch installed correctly and now I can't use the darn thing again for yet another reason. Very frustrating. But thanks for any help you can provide. If I'm able to post, I'll let you know the result.
  6. Okay, here's the weird thing. I downloaded a simple Cookie Cutter STL from Thingiverse. I opened it in Cura and it let me slice it fine. But then when I went back to the sliced file, just to view it in Cura, half of Cookie Cutter was missing. This is what's been happening. When I do the print, they are only coming out half printed even though it looks like I'm slicing the entire object. But then when I reopen the very file I tried to print to see why it's not printing. Only half the file is showing - it looks just like it's printing out. Half a print.
  7. I did double check that it was an actual STL file. In fact I created another in TinkerCad and tried again - still the same error. But I will try your suggestion and D/L something from Thingiverse and see how that works out. If you're still available in a few minutes I'll let you know the results.
  8. For some reason I keep getting this error message no matter what I'm trying to slice. "printer setup disabled, gcode cannot be modified" Even when I try to open STL files that I have sliced before using the same settings and software. Even if I try to open GCode files already sliced with Cura, I get the same error message. It was working just fine two hours ago, and now it won't slice anything. Please help!
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