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  1. Oof, thanks though. I started using ctrl-r to arrange all models. This centers the model in x and y then I set z height which is good enough for me.
  2. Can confirm that it works for me on Cura 4.11.0, just had to change the spacemouse axes scale values from negative to positive by deleting the "-" sign and didnt have to disable any drivers. Not getting buttons to work, but not a big worry for me. Using Spacemouse Enterprise. Update 9/10/21: Figured out the buttons for spacemouse enterprise, here is a mapping of the buttons I found correlating to the config.json button numbering. spacemouse enterprise : rawmouse menu : 1 (also opens menu for 3dxware) fit : 2 top view : 3 n/a : 4 right view : 5 front view : 6 n/a : 7 n/a : 8 rotate view: 9 n/a : 10 iso 1 : 11 n/a : 12 1 : 13 2 : 14 3 : 15 4 : 16 didn't find any connection for buttons 17 and on
  3. Hello, I have started using 3MF files from Solidworks to use with Cura, rather than the STL file format. The issue is that when I drag and drop a 3MF file into Cura, it places the solidworks parts' coordinate system at the (0,0,0) location instead of at the center of the bed. I am not sure how to get the 3MF file to be loaded to the center of the bed just like the stl file does. I have attached pictures for reference. I should note that I already tried changing the 3MF export coordinate system in the SW export settings window but that did nothing.
  4. I believe that for any custom material made or added to Cura, (for example I added colorFabb's LW-PLA) it should add just fine without the "not supported" material profile as long as the material type box is the same as one of the generic materials. That is the material type for the custom added material should be ABS, CPE, HIPS, Nylon, PC, PETG, PLA, PVA, or TPU 95A. Otherwise you would need to make a new printer profile from scratch. At least this worked for me. Cura 4.10.0
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