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  1. To update this thread post and as a reply to your question, as far as I understand this issue, its due to the way Cura is structured and related to material profiles. Early on there was a phase were you could do custom materials without restriction, this was later identified by Cura devs to be a mistake apparently, so they changed it to how it is now. AFAIK, there are no plans to make material profiles more flexible or give similar functionality to what we had, the best solution is to use work arounds or stick to default materials.
  2. Draft as a descriptor in the default profiles hasn't been used for a few versions now, at least on the Creality range of profiles using 0.4mm nozzles. They are labeled like so : Perhaps using the info above to pair off with layer heights, you may be able to force the profiles to import as you did. I wouldn't recommend it though as it could cause who knows what to go on ( which you seem aware of anyways ). For what it's worth, I can attest to the suitability of the current profiles for the Creality line of printers supplied with Cura on a fresh ins
  3. Not sure if I understand you correctly or not, but here goes lol. The show all toggle is for displaying the list of options you can select from to add to the mesh you are using. You then need to select the specific option(s) from the list, which will then populate the mesh settings window with your selections like so : Dunno that helps or not, let us all know if not and we will try and find a solution 😉
  4. Z-offset is a plug in from the marketplace, provided by Ahoeben aka FieldOfView, it's not a part of the base Cura install.
  5. Until Apple decides that it's a retailing platform and want a steep cut of all sales along with exclusivity arrangements under the guise of "protecting users". Go have a look at the Epic Games debacle for a possible window into a world where Cura is on the Apple store... How many of those have you needed repairs on, only to find that Apple doesn't believe in right to repair. I have no problems with the functionality of Apple products, the problem is when it fails and needs repair or you need software compatibility. Apple are almost militant in "protecting" users.
  6. Yup, it caught me out too on my CR10s Pro V2. Notably, I have an Ender-3 which doesn't have the same issue. Technically, the CR range was developed before the Ender series, perhaps this is related to that earlier development. Yup...it's actually the type of the card that matters, the newer format SDXC type cards specifically are not combatable. The problem is, the older types of SD card are being phased out, along with the smaller capacities, meaning when you go buy a new SD card, it's likely to be an SDXC type and thus not compatible. Case in point, I have a
  7. I question if it would even be possible just on the basis of how Apple operates. To have Cura on the appstore or the like would mean Ultimaker having to navigate the appstore listing issues. With Apple's stance on revenue generation via the appstore, I just can't see any sane company / developer going down that rabbit hole. Cura is an open source program that's ongoing development is directly funded by Ultimaker, with the contributions from the wider community. I would love to understand Apple's commercial position on that before you could even look at the difficulties In suitably
  8. yes, and it does remove the unusual extrusion, but in turn it affects the strength of the part ( that section in particular is the pin for the chain ). I have also tried lowering the wall count, but the odd formations still occur on the yellow indicated sections. edit : just realized I didn't list my nozzle size in the opening post, It's 0.4mm for what it's worth.
  9. >use the support blocker ( 6th icon on the left side missing a tool tip ) to generate a generic cube model OR add a model of your own for custom shapes > select the model you just placed > select Per Model Settings ( 5th icon down on left side also missing tool tip ) > change the mesh type to "Modify Settings For Overlaps" > hit the "select settings" button and add the "infill density" option > set the infill density as required ( in my case I needed 100% infill for a section of my model ) > move the model/mesh to where you need it.
  10. Ok all you Cura grand masters out there, educate meh !!! I'm having weird things happen with slicing and circular objects than manifests in confusing ways. Firstly, this one : And then this one : These have been sliced in Cura 4.8, using CR10s Pro V2 default profile for PLA on 0.16mm layer height, 50% tri-hex infill. The 2 photos are from the same object and slice, just at different points in the object. I have tried changing the design numerous times to account for layer heights etc, but to no avail.
  11. While I get you're upset at your printer being damaged, you've incorrectly and unfairly attributed it to Cura... Firstly, the Tronxy you mention is a DIY kit printer, that takes some experience to correctly assemble, while having several design flaws that leave the door open to all sorts of issues. To quote one of the reviews I've just endured "My testing, however, was a long and frustrating experience due to a range of poor design decisions on this printer." And another quote "I think with a total overhaul by an experienced owner, this thing could really s
  12. From what I can make out from your screen shot, you are using an older version of Cura and a Custom profile ?. The little bit of info I can see on your settings shows your are also using some experimental features ( coasting enabled ) so at this point I'm going to say I'm out of my depth in advising you in any useful way beyond what I've already suggested, sorry 😞 If you manage to figure out what the issue is, please do update everyone here as it may help someone else out in future.
  13. From what I understand of this issue, it's only manifesting on 8-bit boards, predominantly on ( but not limited to ) Creality brand printers like the original Ender-3. If someone out there has a stock Ender-3 and could specifically test this fix ( use the benchy boat to test ), you would be doing a huge favor for your fellow Creality users and the Cura dev's. I would do so on my own Ender-3 but I'm using an skr 32-bit board and my other Creality printer has Creality's 32-bit silent mainboard on it, both printers do not have this issue, yet a friends Ender-3 is seeing i
  14. This would be an awesome solution, and I do remember it being suggested by another forum user a few months back. My biggest concern for future development of the materials interface is with how restrictive and incomplete the current method available to users is, and what that may mean for the features suitability in the long run when paired with things such as this : I'd also expect that there is a financial cost associated to such an endeavor, that when combined with Ultimakers requirements, will likely combine to act as an impetus to most small to medium sized commerci
  15. yikes, is there a better example of why we need an undo function in Cura. I shudder at the thought of placing 50 of these without an undo function lol.
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