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  1. Every time I do a filament change in the middle of a print I get this BLOB when the new color starts. is there a way to make it not do that? Added a pic of my setting in CURA 5.0
  2. This still does not solve the issue... i can not be the only one with this issue i buy a 3D printer with a 235x235 bed and can not use the all of the bed. That i only can use 207x207 I do not believe this is this Creality intended purpose to miss lead me in thinking im getting a 235x235 and only letting me use 207x207 when it is CURA that is the one preventing me from using the extra area with there Clip protection area. (When i don't use clips) i have a magnetive Bed plates that don't need clips Also CURA has ability to adjust ANY setting in any of the 3D printers that they support. But just not this one?? unlikely.
  3. I have been trying and trying to use my 3D printer like it is ment too. But CURA 5.0 will not let me... Let me explain. my printer is Ender 3 S1 with a build plate of 235x235 But for some reason CURA 5.0 thinks that I'm only allowed to use 207x207 of that You know grayed out area on the edge for the Clips, DO NOT need to be there for Most new printer that have magnetive Bed plates that don't need clips So why does CURA 5.0 Not just add a SIMPLE!!!! Disable Bed Plate Size Restrictions options to the MASS amounts of Setting options that are available
  4. I have a Ender 3 s1 and my plate size is 235x235. Cura will not let me print anything larger then 214x214. ?????? Some of the things I have Tryed 1. I have edited the def.json file and removed the code lines to remove the Disallowed area 2. I even tried to edit the printer settings in Cura to increase bed size by 10mm X and Y This removed the disallowed area. But as soon as I load the STL from tinkercad into cura the the disallowed area returns. Photo 2 is befor i load a STL file ( No Disallowed area) on the Print Bed Photo 1 is After i load the STL file ( The Disallowed area show up) ?????Can someone Help me to solve this issue?????
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