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  1. Hopefully a simple question, but after spending a bunch of time customizing my profile, I'd like to know how I can track my changes better. So, let's say I start with a profile that comes built-in. Now, I want to make a modification to something, say the wall thickness, so that it changes from 2 walls to 3 walls. I then save it as a new custom profile. When I export my custom profile and look at the contents in a text editor, it doesn't show ALL the settings, but a fairly small subset. How does Cura decide what to do with the other parameters that aren't listed? Does it fall back to the built-in one? Any advice here is helpful.
  2. I really appreciate all those thoughts, @TomHeij. That makes total sense. For me, cosmetic will generally be less important than precision. And as much as I'd like to print quickly, I'd be ok with longer prints knowing they are going to come out right. Will definitely have to try out your suggestions to see if I can work out my issue. My applications will almost be exclusively mechanical components, so I'm grateful for any and all tips from folks like you who have been doing this longer than I have.
  3. Thanks, @Smithy. Will give that a try and report back!
  4. Surprisingly, bumping to 20 didn't help. It actually ended up causing quite a bit more "ringing" instead. It definitely helped in some ways, though. Any other thoughts? Here's a before/after pic:
  5. Much appreciated. These values I show are the stock settings for the Normal-0.2mm settings that come with Cura. I will definitely give that a try, though, and let you know how it turns out!
  6. Thanks, @GregValiant. I do have those enabled and wondered if it had to do something with those, though I haven't tried modifying them yet. Here are my settings:
  7. When I print a corners that approach 90 degrees or are more acute, I get some annoying bulging going on at the corner. See the attached picture for the illustration. Any setting that can help control this? I would gladly live with rounded corners if at least the face remained flat. And of course I know I can manually add rounds to my models, but when I am printing something off of Thingiverse (for example), they all have sharp corners and I can't change that. Any suggestions for me? I'm using the latest Cura (5.1.0) and I'm printing in PLA on an Anycubic Chiron. Thank you!
  8. Perfect. Thank you! I will search there first to see if someone else has already brought it up and add it if not.
  9. I have an idea that could really be a nice addition to the software. Where is the appropriate place to post feature requests? Thanks!
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