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Trouble printing on a printrboard printer

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Posted · Trouble printing on a printrboard printer

Hi everyone,

I have problems identifying my exact problem, I can only assume that is is related to Cura, hence the choice of topic.

To start at the beginning. I got my hands on a really unknown printer(Hadron FM Pro). It runs with a printrboard rev. e and for convenience I added a panelolu2 to have a display and the possibilities of a Ultimaker1.

To my knowledge I flashed Marlin with extension for the panelolu correctly to the board.

Next I tried to add a new maschine to Cura and I tried it with "Other", then "Ord" since the "Ordbot" seems to be close to what I have.

But starting the the gcode on my printer just produces strange lines that don't correspond with the original part.

So my best guess is that I screwed up the setup in Cura.

Is there anyone that can help or has an idea where I can search for solutions?

Thanks alot

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Posted · Trouble printing on a printrboard printer

Personally, I'd try putting in by Hand, GCODE for positioning, to ensure it can respond to simple commands. From that information, you can infer how it's interpreting the code. Playing with the various commands, and setups, you may find what will work for you.

Here is a listing of GCODE as shown in a couple Wiki that might help:

Wikipedia GCODE Reference

and one for rep-rap, and others that implement GCODE:

Rep Rap, and other printers

If you machine can't handle basic GCODE entries, especially the common ones; you'll at least have an idea that the problem is in how it's handling the Code which would be in the interface and so you'll need, possibly at least, a specialized driver of some kind to interface between the OS and your board.

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