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When printing small parts the last few layers are becoming melted globs by extruder..

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Im trying to print some smaller parts for a prototype at work but when it gets to the top of the part the last layers keep melting and the extruder just makes a puddle and moves it around without laying down a layer. Its really hard to explain but if you look at the pictures you will see. I'll try to take a photo while its doing it as well. I normally wouldnt care but when it melts its making the part thicker on top which i need to go into another hole and it throws it all off. any help would be appreciated thanks!




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This happens because the layers don't have enough time to cool before the next layer is printed.

You can have a better results in two ways:

1. Check the cool head lift parameter in expert settings. This will take the head away from the print every now and then letting it cool down.

2. Print more than one at a time, place several items on the build plate, and choose print all at once. This will let one print cool when it's printing the other one(s).

You can also just print a small tower if you don't want to waste too much material.

Trick is to place the other objects on the build plate in order to have the fan blow on the not printed object while it's printing another one.

I usually prefer option 2, you can also increase travel speed to 250mm/s to decrease the stringing effect you'll get because of the multiple prints.

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