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Ultimaker 1.75mm filament 10mm3/s speed test


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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 1.75mm filament 10mm3/s speed test


I wasn't sure about on what section to publish this, but since the other 10mm3/s test it's on this area..

Today I wanted to do a real test to check the umo+ stock feeder with IRobertI's feeder since I was about to change it for the um2 motor that has more torque and steps. But after seeing what I can do without underextrusion I don't think I will change it.

My feeder it's IRobertI + mk7. The test was done with bq black pla 1.75mm filament. Cheap but sticks great to the glass and this roll has great consistency on 1.75mm. I wanted to test with this because if works with this, should work with the good brands.

I made this file on simplify3d, since there's no gcode 10mm3/s test for 1.75mm


Also if you wan't to try the factory process file (simplify3d 3.01) it's on my dropbox:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymssfu1qm6a28wn/test75-120mms-175-s3d.zip?dl=0 Stls included and the process ready to just make the gcode

Boring video of the print. Had to cut the beginning since I almost run out of memory on the phone

So my own conclusions are that 1.75mm filament it's interesting. I started at 200C 75mm/s and it didn't show any underextrusion until 100mm/s (check the photos down there) when some little tinny black line shows. Then I changed the temperature to 205C and the lines banished. The quality really goes dead at 105-110mm/s but until that it looks quite usable for some fast prints.

I did this mod when I got the printer 6 months ago but until lately I didn't had the time to perfect it. Like for example I had been using the stock feeder of umo+ until a week ago that the plastic of the feeder broke in half. I also to make the stock feeder work had to 'file' the bering limit to make it go further, but it wasn't good, sometimes the filament didn't got a good grip and it just wasn't good enough, ofc that feeder isn't made for this filament.

My mod consist maintly on:

- Feeder IRobertI + mk7 (96.46 steps rounded to 96.5)

- Ptfe isolator for 1.75mm filament (china)

- Hot end isolator tube (the brass/bronce barrel) for 1.75mm filament

- Nozzle for 1.75 (ofc)

And the bowden, there are 2 ways to make it work (probably more but this ones worked):

a) Use the stock ptfe and glue inside a 2-3mm pfa/ptfe tube. This works, but after 4 months of use the tube inside got displaced on a cold pull.

or b) Buy a 6mm-2mm dia ptfe (easy to find on reprap shops) and change the plastic clamps for pneumatic ones (this means you need to drill the exit of the pneumatic coupler and print an adapter. I used this one made by tobias.kornmayer when I had the stock head and he also has an adapter for the stock feeder. Both very well made.

But why to go with all the trouble. Just 4 reasons:

- Less filament on the head means less dripping. This is specially interesting for me and my dual head extruder.

- Less retraction. I use 2.5-2.8 retraction.

- Less heat needed on the extruder.

- Less force needed to push filament. The motor feeder it's the stock one without gears.

Check the tests, the video, etc. I can do 10mm3 at 205C PLA and this is on my umo+ with normal belts (but recently I changed the pulleys because the stock ones ain't good enough for me).




If someone see something that I did wrong on the s3d creating to test the speed or anything, please tell, I'm always trying to improve this.

Notes of points I forgot to add. The print was at 0.2 layer from 75mm/s to 120mm/s each 1cm. Also the pla rool it's almost new, 1 kilo.

Edit. Could a forum moderator move this to 'mods'?.... Sorry

Edit 2: Umm seems I only reach 120mm/s that's 9.6mm3 not 10mm3. I'll try to make another test tomorrow.

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