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Feeder skipping

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Hi, I have a problem with under extrusion and feeder skipping. I´ve changed the nozzle, clean up the feeder and try different settings, install new firmware, print a filament holder, etc. Nothing works.

When I´m printing with 230° (ColorFabb) the skipping does not appears, but the print will be really bad with this temperature.

So what can I do? Perhaps print an feeder alternative? Or maybe there´s a solution in the software?

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If the feeder is skipping it means that the printer is having a hard time pushing the filament at the requested feed rate.

What are the printing parameters you are using? (layer height, speeds).

Have you checked the Teflon Insulator? How many hours of printing does your printer have? (and what is your printer? you can add this to your profile ;))

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Oh sorry, I´m using an Ultimaker 2 (on of the very first ones). Teflon Insulator is also new and looks fine.

Settings are different. No I´m printing an alternative feeder with 230° and layer 0.1..speed at 50 and adjust down to 80%. Still skipping.

My other UM2 (newer one) runs very well with 0.15mm and only 215° with the same settings and filament (colorfabb black).

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So it's not:


Clogged (or partially clogged nozzle) I'm guessing you did a couple of atomic pulls??



Filament diameter/tangled/end of roll

That leaves us with the feeder wheel, but if the feeder skips back it isn't that.

Maybe the feeder's tension is too high, and the filament is being flatened too much, causing extra friction in the bowden tube?

The underextrusion appears on outer shells? Are the speeds 50mm/s for everything (0 is set for other speeds).

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No, the under extrusion appears on all layer. Speed is normally on 50, other speeds are standard.

But..now I've mentioned that the screw that adjust the pressing in the feeder is missing. But the little white plastic marker is still on standard setting on the top.

Why you mentioned that it can't be the feeder wheel? So an alternative feeder is not important?

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underextrusion can appear if the feeder wheel is not well fixed on the motor, but it wouldn't skip back then, that's why.

Maybe try printing robert's alternative feeder with your other printer and replacing it would help?

It's odd what you say about the screw in the feeder that is missing... the tension in the feeder could be the cause then

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