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Cura won't slice multiple objects


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Posted · Cura won't slice multiple objects

Hi all,

I've been having problems getting any version of Cura to slice when there are multiple models on the plate. Currently I'm using 15.02.1 on Windows 7 64 bit 16 gig ram, 2 x GeForce GTX 560 ti's (in SLI) and have this plate. Cura just will not even start slicing it. When I go to look at the layered view it will show me the single object sliced prior to it being multiplied. As you can see, they all fit on the plate, there is no brim or raft. The log doesn't show any attempt at slicing the multiplied object, but is;


C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_15.02.1\CuraEngine.exe -v -p -s initialSpeedupLayers=4 -s minimalFeedrate=10 -s preSwitchExtruderCode=;Switch between the current extruder and the next extruder, when printing with multiple extruders.;This code is added before the T(n)-s supportXYDistance=700 -s insetXSpeed=50 -s retractionZHop=75 -s extruderOffset[3].X=0 -s extruderOffset[3].Y=0 -s postSwitchExtruderCode=;Switch between the current extruder and the next extruder, when printing with multiple extruders.;This code is added after the T(n)-s retractionSpeed=40 -s filamentFlow=100 -s infillOverlap=15 -s inset0Speed=50 -s coolHeadLift=0 -s extrusionWidth=399 -s upSkinCount=17 -s initialLayerSpeed=20 -s minimalLayerTime=5 -s infillSpeed=50 -s supportExtruder=-1 -s fanSpeedMax=100 -s supportType=1 -s enableCombing=1 -s fanSpeedMin=100 -s supportZDistance=150 -s supportEverywhere=0 -s filamentDiameter=2840 -s initialLayerThickness=300 -s supportAngle=-1 -s fanFullOnLayerNr=4 -s extruderOffset[1].X=0 -s extruderOffset[1].Y=21600 -s layerThickness=60 -s endCode=;End GCodeM104 S0                     ;extruder heater offM140 S0                     ;heated bed heater off (if you have it)G91                                    ;relative positioningG1 E-1 F300                            ;retract the filament a bit before lifting the nozzle, to release some of the pressureG1 Z+0.5 E-5 X-20 Y-20 F9000 ;move Z up a bit and retract filament even moreG28 X0 Y0                              ;move X/Y to min endstops, so the head is out of the wayM84                         ;steppers offG90                         ;absolute positioning;CURA_PROFILE_STRING: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-s minimalExtrusionBeforeRetraction=20 -s retractionMinimalDistance=2000 -s skirtMinLength=150000 -s objectSink=7000 -s retractionAmount=4000 -s skinSpeed=50 -s skirtLineCount=0 -s startCode=M190 S70.000000M109 S190.000000;Sliced at: Tue 03-11-2015 17:39:16;Basic settings: Layer height: 0.06 Walls: 1.2 Fill: 15;Print time: #P_TIME#;Filament used: #F_AMNT#m #F_WGHT#g;Filament cost: #F_COST#;M190 S70 ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line;M109 S190 ;Uncomment to add your own temperature lineG21        ;metric valuesG90        ;absolute positioningM82        ;set extruder to absolute modeM107       ;start with the fan offG28 X0 Y0  ;move X/Y to min endstopsG28 Z0     ;move Z to min endstopsG1 Z15.0 F9000 ;move the platform down 15mmG92 E0                  ;zero the extruded lengthG1 F200 E3              ;extrude 3mm of feed stockG92 E0                  ;zero the extruded length againG1 F9000;Put printing message on LCD screenM117 Printing...-s skirtDistance=3000 -s extruderOffset[2].Y=0 -s extruderOffset[2].X=0 -s printSpeed=50 -s fixHorrible=1 -s layer0extrusionWidth=400 -s moveSpeed=150 -s supportLineDistance=2666 -s retractionAmountExtruderSwitch=16500 -s sparseInfillLineDistance=2666 -s insetCount=3 -s downSkinCount=17 -s multiVolumeOverlap=150 -g 49674 -s posx=105000 -s posy=105000 $Cura_SteamEngine version 15.02.1Copyright © 2014 David BraamThis program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modifyit under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published bythe Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or(at your option) any later version.This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty ofMERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See theGNU Affero General Public License for more details.You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public Licensealong with this program.  If not, see .Default config 'default.cfg' not usedReading mesh from socket with 3193839 vertexesLoaded from disk in 4.680sAnalyzing and optimizing model...Face counts: 1064613 -> 834403 78.4%Vertex counts: 3193839 -> 416850 13.1%Size: 29.878000 27.376000 13.662000vMin: 90.061000 91.312000 -7.000000vMax: 119.939000 118.688000 6.662000vMin: -14.939000 -13.688000 0.000000vMax: 14.939000 13.688000 13.662000Matrix: 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000Matrix: 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000Matrix: 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000Optimize model 4.384sSlicing model...Layer count: 224Sliced model in 1.529sGenerating support map...Generating layer parts...Generated layer parts in 0.140sGenerated inset in 1.248sGenerated up/down skin in 0.593sWrote layers in  0.62s.Total time elapsed 13.20s


Any help would be hugely appreciated. ff6HsB0.jpg?1

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