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Is American Starting to Shut Down the 3d print industry ?

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Posted · Is American Starting to Shut Down the 3d print industry ?

I just go an interesting article sent to me today.

talking about how the patent office in american is trying to fight to get special software installed on every computer connected to a 3d printer, to check the print models against an worldwide copyright archive.

if the model does fit the profile of an existing product, then the printer will not be allowed to print.

basically they are trying to control this new industry, like every thing else. movies. music..... your freedom !

all i can say is, THEY MUST BE KIDDING !!!!!

hands up, who wants to install govern control software on their home 3d printers ???????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/ ... 29236.html


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Posted · Is American Starting to Shut Down the 3d print industry ?

Yes its basically like the BS everyone had to deal with in the music industry recently, big companies

are freaking out that in a few years nobody will buy their stuff. Empowering the populace is not really

on the radar of many in the big power circles in the USA. This is im sure just the very start of many

difficult times to come for home 3D printing.

The issue is that all it takes is one corporate lunactic with a very well presented brief, to convince most

politicians (who are generally about the least technically adept people alive) that 3D printers at home

are BAD!

Just look at the idiotic stories all over the press with some kid and an AR15 assault rifle, that he "printed at home".

This is the kind of stuff that policians look at and say "oh NO kids can make assault rifles with a REPRAP ! Ban it !"

So I think that people at the top end of home 3D printing need to be spending some time getting in touch with

their local parliment member to show him what its REALLY about...because if we dont do that...a man in a well

ironed suit from XYZ Corp will, and he will be making sure you cannot print at home if he can.



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Posted · Is American Starting to Shut Down the 3d print industry ?

Guys, I'm as pro-3d printer and anti-DRM as they come. But I think you are jumping the non-3d-printed|gun on a few things:

- The US Patent Office doesn't have the ability to ask for special software to be installed anywhere. Think about it. The US Patent Office is for... granting patents. It is not legislative, executive or anything else. Just patents.

- One company having patents on DRM doesn't mean its suddenly a law that's been enforced. In fact, it means that now no other companies are allowed to develop that DRM. That would make it a stumbling block in the development of DRM rather than something that makes it easier!

- There are many ways to make a gun that don't require a 3d printer. For example, machine shops could make a way better gun than any 3d printer could, and it could do the parts that can't be 3d printed. Hell, go on Google and type in "can you make a gun out of wood"; first hit is a Youtube tutorial on how to do it. This is something I've pointed out to people who do the "3d printers can MAKE GUNS" argument; they don't even realize that wood working tools can do the same thing, for a fraction of the price!

I think its something we should be vigilant for, but I don't think that the DRM patent is something to get worked up about.

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Posted · Is American Starting to Shut Down the 3d print industry ?

I disagree with that,

I think this stuff (Im not referring to the patent thing specifically here, just the general "movement" behind it),

is DEFINETLY something to be worried about.

When you start saying things like "what juristiction does the USA have over here?", remember that

just about the only web address in the world which is OUTSIDE the US juristiction is a www.mywebsite.ch

address. Anything with a .com (and many others too), are considered by the USA to be within their domain of

influence, and in fact they can quite legally shut down ANY website they like with a .com extension if

they deem it to be in some way illegal, or supporting illegal activity or even just if it contains something

they just dont like very much.

http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/new ... risdiction

So I think this stuff should be at the forefront of all home-3D printer company management thinking now,

because as I said, there are people on "the OTHER side" who are working 24/7 to prevent home product

duplication in all forms (although Im sure there will be a plan for an officially sanctioned 3D CAD model

repository, which will contain nothing even related to any product with copyright, or trademarks, and will

probably require a registration only obtainable by having bought an officially sanctioned printer from some

"proper" company like 3D systems, or Zcorp.


Or you can just dismiss the above as preposterous drivvle, and not do anything, and hope it never happens.

Just my opinion, admittedly highly cyincal.


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Posted · Is American Starting to Shut Down the 3d print industry ?

big business will use its money and power to shut down or control every thing that dangers, there goals.

if free thinking and free flowing information and products from the 3d printing community, is seen as a danger to BIG BUSINESS. then of course ! without question, we will come under a hail storm of abuse from these guys.

That will come and then one day, some great site like thingiverse will be smasked by the FBI, for distrubuting copy right material of a plastic teddy with the words.... DISNEAY ;-)


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