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Clicking from the X-Axis Stepper Motor (4 points)

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As the extruder head travels from left to right or vice versa, it clicks. A different click than the extruder motor has when it gets jammed. It clicks in the same 4 points or positions in the x-axis. It will happen on layer 1 or 101. I wouldn't say 100% in every location, but 70% in one, 80% in two and 90% in the 4th location. There does not appear to be anything on the front or rear bars that the extruder head slides across. The noise/knock/vibration/click clearly is present at the stepper motor.

I thought maybe a bearing, but it seems just to consistent.

Any ideas?

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If it's a umo/umo+ it most probably it's that the gears and shafts ain't perfectly aligned, then the gear 'clicks' when it fails to move, like on car gears that click. Basically the gear riders over the pulley and clicks.


Check that link. See the purple thingy? The gears must be on the center of the shaft. I had this problem with my iMakr assembled umo+ and figured out how to fix it by googling like mad.

Now my 3 machines don't make any weird click :)

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