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Calibration Error Marlin Ultimaker Original Plus

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Posted (edited) · Calibration Error Marlin Ultimaker Original Plus


I have this problem, that makes a real pain in the arrssss to calibrate the esteps of my second ultimaker plus.

The think it's that. When you change the esteps, save, push filament, it pusshes or retracts a random amount of filament. After the initial mistake it works, but also it makes really absurd the process of esteps calibration.


How to repeat the error:

Change esteps value

Tell the printer to push X filament

Retract that amount

The filament didn't go back to the original position.

Also, I only got this on video, but sometimes it retracts instead of pushing forward. So after the esteps, save, push, if that initial push forward it's of, lets say 5mm, then it retracts X amount random of filament. So it's a real pain in the arrrrssss.

Tested this with amedee firmware builder, official firmware and lastest cura firmware. All do the same. But sometimes it just works, and sometimes it just fails

So... Any fix anytime soon? (I know ultimaker it's focused on their precious white printers, but some love to our wooden machines could be awesome).

BTW, the way to avoid this ugly bug, it's to use Printrun and use gcodes to move filament, but using G1 E(amount) F(speed) after a M302 to allow cold extrusions.

Using this gcodes this bug didn't show to me on 3 machines. But also, it doesn't make freaking sense...

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