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The UM buildplate not leveling evenly

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Posted · The UM buildplate not leveling evenly

Ok, I've had the printer for around a year now, and I'm still wondering, that when you look inside the printer from the front, the right fron corner is giving me issues.

When i srmtart the leveling procedure, i tighten all pf the leveling screws as tight as they go. Then I turn the white knob to get the far side to the millimeter point by having a 1mm thick plate between the nozzle and the buildplate.

Then the printer moves to the left and i adjust from the makual knob under the plate to get to the same point. Same for the right.

Then i do the rest and i end up having so big cap on the front right that you can clearly see that the plate ain't straight.

The whole adjusting screw is just about to drop off. Still, after that i need to do more adjusting while printing as the print thicknessnonnikitial layer aint even close to even.

I use 150x140mm ellipse and 20 rounds of brim to calibrate the whole thing, because the leveling is so far off

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Posted · The UM buildplate not leveling evenly

You not meant to tighten the screws all the way. With mine the threads are just sticking out of the finger nut.

Raise the plate so its about 1mm away (by eye as it doesn't need to be accurate) at the back. then just check the front left and right. If its to close or far then adjust the finger nuts a little till its about right.

It will then go to the back. put a piece of paper underneath the nozzle. Adjust the white knob till the nozzle just touches the paper. then when it goes to the front left, try to slide the paper underneath and adjust the finger nut till it just touches. and repeat on the right side.

After this you can print THIS As it is printing the test then just fine tune the adjustment with the finger nuts till its nice and level. This should last you a few months.

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