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a cutlery design concept

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Posted · a cutlery design concept

Hi all,

I was dealing with a cutlery design a while ago, and it kinda kick started me into 3D printing to see what I can come up with.

Finally, after some time passing by I think I can find some kind of closure on that one after producing these results:




Not that it is finished, it's still in a concept phase, but I'm rather pleased with the empirical results so far.

The funny thing is that it involves 3D printing, and some craftsmanship, some manual actions as well to get the spoon function in there, besides having the fork and knife option.

I was really troubled with adding supports and therefore creating a rough surface, resulting into this combo of printing and moulding the piece to generate a smooth surface and way less post processing.

I am prolly going to fine tune this some more, but personally I really like where this is going.

What are your opinions/suggestions about this concept design?

I'm really looking forward to some feedback around this one.

Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards.

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Posted · a cutlery design concept

Hi all,

a week later and some major changes has occurred.

I created two other concepts:

one is created with three elements, while the other is made with only two elements.



I'll post more details later but this is a spoon, fork and knife all together in one kit.

I was wandering around some questions though.

Is it possible to generate somewhat of a decent knife with pla?

and does anyone know how to generate buttons that click together right of the printer? I managed to do so, but not before altering the base element after the print.

I'll post these questions also in the tips section.

thanks a lot and cy all later.

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Posted (edited) · a cutlery design concept

Hi all,

I have had a much needed period of rest on this one, I have been working like crazy for this one for a few weeks now with a whole table full of concepts ...

But I crystallized two of them with some more pictures to explain them some more.

one is a concept based around 3 elements where you slide in the knife in between the two elements. Together you use it as a spoon/fork, and when you separate the two you have a knife and fork.




the other concept is based around 2 elements, that click together. Same deal really, as one it is a spoon/fork, and separate you have the knife/fork.






I'm still looking forward to some feedback around these concepts, and I still have a boatload of questions really. But I'll put them in the tips and tricks/collab section.

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