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For Beginner 3D modeling Software

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Posted · For Beginner 3D modeling Software

Hello Guys ! Need an advice , who would like to help me with a software solution , something like a Zbrush , but easy one for beginning and with tutorials ...

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Posted (edited) · For Beginner 3D modeling Software

For organic stuff just buy Zbrush, you wont regret it, unless you wont useit much if you get bored, but i am now creating organic things far faster on Zbrush than any regular 3d prog. Blender is free, but i use 3dsmax or maya it makes no difference as you will have to learn something. maya has a steep learning curve, but download them all and try them out nearly all software has 30 day trials, so just learn them all one month after the next and stick to the one you ike the most. There are thousands of tutorials fro all of them, if you are serious you can sign up to lynda.com or fxphd digital tutors, gnomon....the list goes on.

It al depends on how serious you are in learning all the ways of modelling whaich are changing day by day and release after release. So something you will learn now may change in a year or two. But the basics or polygons/nurbs/quads remains. they are the building blocks of 3D and polycount will always limit your creations because too many and your hardware will die or give up unless you are very experienced with handling them. games cheat and use displacement maps and normal textures to mimic high polys but if you want to print it it has to be there for real!!

A lot to learn but once you know, you can make ANYTHING, and have a go at printing it later. Until then you are stuck downloading mostly rubbish or expensive models that you dont even know how to alter!

Time is all you need and motivation.

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