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  1. cloakfiend

    Gluing PLA Plastic

    I find pretty much most contact glues should also work. But they have temperature limits.
  2. cloakfiend

    Post your latest print!

    Thanks man, im taking a break for a few days need to finish some stuff off.
  3. cloakfiend

    Unicron V2

    And polished...
  4. cloakfiend

    Post your latest print!

    Gave this guy a polish just now and even though i wanted to paint a fake patina, ill just admire him for a few days first! looks great to me. a solid plate!
  5. cloakfiend

    Forest of Doom

    Plating is real easy once you know how, the only snag is setup, after that its done!. Ive been too casual as of late. The other main issue is the damn thing wanting to float. But filler fixes that problem. I was looking into other nice fixes like titanium cages and such but thats a different hassle and you dont want your model touching anything while it plates. Ive yet to experiment with different patina colours as i have some awesome translucent metal inks as well! Ill use them on my unicron and let you know. They are fake patinas....vintaj patina inks. Looks promising i have all the colours already, just procratinating on when im going to use them as usual.
  6. cloakfiend

    Forest of Doom

    I've just done some reading on why my plating is failing and have found out that I have been using the wrong kind of water for my last few plating efforts!!! I knew something was up, everything was just taking WAAAAAY to long and not thick enough plates either. So.....remember DISTILLED water, NOT de-ionised! My local chemist was closed when I bought my water last minute and I just ended up buying car battery de-ionised water. 10L (two full batches) and basically wasted my time and money, my plates from now on will be faster and cleaner! this stuff turns my copper dark blue and green, which it never did before! They say now days new processes remove most unwanted minerals and impurities, but not in my experience! Will be steering clear of deionised water thats for sure! I'm surprised I got anything plated at all now!!!
  7. cloakfiend

    Post your latest print!

    as promised...
  8. cloakfiend

    Forest of Doom

    ahh yes i meant metallic rather than metal, my bad, i need to look into those paints, but with lighting we can pretend its perfect! lol. tried to be as creepy as poss...
  9. cloakfiend

    Forest of Doom

    Here you go.. loads of unfinished bits but luckily most in cavities and stuff but some bad ones here and there too. Will take more phots later, off to sleeps now. Night!
  10. cloakfiend

    Forest of Doom

    My answer is usually....PATINA!! YAY hides all the problems and makes them look cool! Paint may also have to be the answer as i can't sand or polish it now because the unplated areas edges will rip up and might tear more plating off so i need to be more careful around them, A few of my techniques I need to perfect, and certain conditions are real issue. Im going to be painting my new prints, this is going to be the last plate for a while. I want to experiment with car style high gloss finishes. I've seen duplicolur even has a copper effect spray, but the base needs to be polished metal as its a transparent paint! I've decided Red Gloss is going to be my next finish. Lol. I wanted to paint UnicronV2 in red, but defaulted to a plate. While I prepare to remove my lizard out of his blue bath, I thought I'd entertain you with a bit of DYK? (did you know?) DKY I kept snapping off one spike on this model so I got my dremmel and filed a nail down to roughy the same size drilled a small hole in the old spot and replaced I it as I have found that once something breaks either replace it with something that is far stronger or it will simply keep breaking again and again further down the line! funnily enough I also just remembered that I forgot to glue it in! Oh bummer, oh well. it was a real tight for so should be fine. My lizard is now a secret weapon!
  11. cloakfiend

    Forest of Doom

    This one is gonna be a fail....sucks, but i need to modify the model before i print it again anyways. Have far too many issues with my paint at the moment and the solution is a bit too contaminated as well. I may try to patch fix it, but there are spots on it that have refused to plate. not conductive enough and all my wires have come loose. The problem with plating is that there are so many things that can go wrong for you if you do it casually at home in your kitchen! ill post pics either way, the cape is not working but you may not see it from the front anyway!.
  12. cloakfiend

    Post your latest print!

    Just done my unicron v2 yesterday, will defo do shape shifter today, even with my contaminated plating solution...v1 and v2
  13. cloakfiend

    Unicron V2

    Pre Patina photos... fell asleep while plating this! woke up at 5am on my sofa!
  14. cloakfiend

    Autodesk Recap Scanned faces

    All colourfabb pla/pha with brushed acetone. Some red some blue some transparent. But all smoothed pla/pha from Colorfabb. Then electroplated with copper with varying densities of coatings and different matt/gloss finishes.
  15. As I said in the main thread, I have loads of these faces I can knock them out within two hours now, and a bunch of photos, but I didnt take a photo of all of them as i got bored of it. Here are a few, you get the jist, quick 1.5Hour plates, 6 per day, matt plates mean the solution needs boosting or replacing.....or something else.

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