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  1. cloakfiend

    Pineapple Lamp body

    Nice pineapple! very cool vase!
  2. Ok heres my question, Was printing quicker and maintaining the same quality of prints ever explored? If not why not.? Also why does no one in filament exploration experiment making nice filaments that easily smooth with say...acetone. seeing as your filament back in 2016 was the best. Even better than colorfabb, as we (I) know the blends of pla and pha produce effortless amazing results. also are the fans on the Ultimaker S5 the same as on the Ultimaker 2 / 3? How do you decide to source a new part or continue to use an existing part?
  3. cloakfiend

    Cura profile setting for layer 0.05mm, nozzel 0.4mm

    I use a 0.4 nozzle at 0.06 layer height, and If I'm honest i think its good enough. I even printed at 0.04 but you get different problems and ringing gets worse so its a trade off. I personally think the 0.4mm is fine. depends how much time you have!.
  4. cloakfiend

    Cura profile setting for layer 0.05mm, nozzel 0.4mm

    I agree, if you want more detail overall you need to decrease the nozzle size as well as the layer height. But get ready for some long print times!
  5. I'd be interested in how you achieve your prints @kmanstudios without a prime tower as it means you are saving time and I'm a big fan of saving time!
  6. cloakfiend

    Giant Fractal looks like Coral for Lamp

    Nice, I really like the red base as well!
  7. cloakfiend

    ultimaker 3 surface problem

    Looks like the ultimaker one was printed quicker due to the size of the stepper lines? Photos of identical models side by side would be nice. Some settings are wrong thats for sure. Id try default settings before changing anything.
  8. cloakfiend

    A Start on a 1/8 scale funny trike

    Nice man. very nice models. love the wheels! I always wanted to print me some fat wheels.... but overhangs scared me away, lol.
  9. Thanks, but you do some great stuff yourself!
  10. Nicr work! My friend asked me to make one of these for them with a center poece! Remonds me of my games workshop days!
  11. cloakfiend

    Blue Patina Tests

    No. The blue is the salt. There is no paint or masking work here. Just nature at work after 5 hours. Need to try it again almost had what i wanted! But the original plate was too thin.
  12. cloakfiend

    Blue Patina Tests

    Hi folks, I've been incredibly busy at work lately but had some ammonia and salt handy to try my hand at some blue patina fun. The problem i had was that these were 5 minute plates and the copper plate was so thin when i added the patina it ate right through even after sealing it! The They Live one was a thick one but i over did it, ill need to sand it back down. blue patinas are much tougher than green ones! usual ghetto photo setup.....
  13. cloakfiend

    Who has experience with making a shoe last

    Shouldnt be too difficult to make an adjustable one, you can always fill an old comfortable shoe with plaster or something and then scan it or simply construct it yourself, but modelling is key. I think basic modelling skills are essential for ANY bespoke work or desires. I should thank Ultimaker for forcing me to learn Zbrush! I would have never got round to it before, you could do the organic side in a sculpting programme and adjustable stuff in a cad prog, or just all of it in a cad prog. working with nurbs is probably better due to the shoe shape. Dont worry 3D has a steep initial learning curve, but if you are interested, there are more than enough youtube videos and helpful people on forums to aid you. Mind you I just looked on the internet and they only cost like £15 or like $20. so you could just carve into it if you wanted something bespoke? some things are just cheaper if you buy them. I tend to only print bespoke stuff that i can't buy or have personalised. That way you could also 3D scan it and make your own from a good base.
  14. so annoyed i didnt see this earlier. Where can i even buy these nozzles anymore??? i dont have the ob installed. im after just stock um2 nozzes
  15. cloakfiend

    Ultimaker question | help us help you!

    COLORFABB (I ASSUME ALL COLORFABB) A: What is the filament brand: colorFabb B: What is the type of filament: PLA/PHA (various colours + transparent) C: What is the diameter of the filament: 2.85mm D: What is the weight of a 750g full spool: 1052g (Sealed Normal pha/pla) - (1045g Sealed Transparent) E: What is the inner diameter of the core? 53mm F: What is the outer diameter of the core? 105mm G: What is the outer diameter of the whole spool? 201mm H: What is the weight of an empty spool? 250g I: Width of full spool (only when it is completely full because it can expand) 55mm J: Width of an empty spool (only when almost or completely empty) 55mm

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