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  1. Doing another one now but every 4 seconds and added some salty ammonia in a few spots hopefully bringing some blue about adding to the green. Also shot in video mode as the aperture in photo mode isnt consistent and has that stopmotiony flicker that annoys me. Also the shutter is so violent that it shakes the camera creating a tiny wobble on each frame. Annoying but a touch of stabilisation should sort that..... getting loads of crashes trying to stabilise 5K footage on my crappy macbook air!.....oh dear. long crash logs almost there!! did a few dogs ones as well 4 secs between, still green. Gonna try a few other things in the mean time....this skull anim should be done by tomorrow! only the first 5 seconds is interesting so ill do a bunch of close ups after the 14hrs time lapse reveal. I now know 4 hrs time-lapse is plenty.
  2. Sadly it failed. Have no idea why. I need to hit up some time lapse forums. Instead of 14000 photos. I have 1 folder of 0001-2170 and another folder of 8999-9999 so upset and gutted. It would have looked so cool. Either way ill speed up what I got but the magic happens at the start. Last frame. I don't even have the first..... what a dumb system. I've been f-ing and blinding for the past 30 mins. So annoyed. Oh well. Bugger.... Hold up... its weird... I actually think I have it somehow? But 1 photo every 15 secs is 4 per min and thats 240 per hour......for 15 hours....thats 3600, I'm such an idiot. I some how calculated 900 photos per minute and expected to find like 14000? Whatever it worked!!!! Yay! Don't think the last few hours added anything but I guess ill find out. First photo, after acid (re-positioned and de-focused a touch as predicted) photo, and last photo. Video will be tomorrow. I'm working at 5am tomoz!
  3. Ok in progress. Probably out of focus now because I was rushing as it starts rusting immidiately and with the timervactivated i cant refocus. Will need to make some hidden placeholders to be able to pop it back in the right place easily... living and learning... To tell the truth i dont think more time will change anything but i may add some acid on by brush to even the green but still debating. Will sand it after lightly to highlight the raised areas in copper.
  4. A good example of a patina is the green coating on the originally copper statue of liberty. Its the 'rust'. But it also protects the copper. You can accelerate it to film which is what i will try tomorrow. I just need to make space for about 14000 photos on my sd card. Gonna take a photo every 15seconds. My avatar is also a patina. It can be faked with paint, created with heat (obvs no good for plated pla!) And created with acids and chemicals. Spray and be amazed. Very easy to get great results even though you cant always predict what youll get.
  5. Doing my first time lapse patina on an old print! So excited! Shame I have to wait a few days to do it as the darn camera is too frickin loud at night with its clicks as the gopro is a nogo. I can hear the clicks at night and they keep me awake! So I cant do more than 14hr timelapse. Quality on that gopro thing sucks! Only good for filming accidents on the road! My high tech setup. 1 Cannon eos d60 or 60d cant remember, 1 timer, 1 room light, 2 lamps with warm led bulbs 4 rubble bags to cover the windows and some masking tape. 1 old ipad 2 for the model to sit on, random black folder as background, Done. And the plated model of course.
  6. Sup! Welcome dude! Ask away!
  7. Haha @AndersK yes transparent CF has lots of awesome properties. Kinda looks like an sss shader. Also under some lighting conditions you can get a weird hologram effect where by you can flip between seeing either side really quickly. Looks odd on video, its just the light reflecting and passing through alternating very quickly with just a slight rotation. Ok. Enough rambling about my observations.
  8. Is that a face hugger type thing? .. and yeah i woke up! Lol. Somehow. Throat still hurts though. Gonna wear a mask from now on. That room is too toxic to enter atm.
  9. Talking about copper plating... just did my door knocker today!!! Fresh solution which is why its so shiny! Lots of photos for the curious. This was from a scan i made from photos on a trip to barcelona. No real cleanup.will age it. Will look much better then all green and rustic. Just used a nail off my pin head and dremmeled the top off. No tutorials from me im afraid. Not yet. I havent seen any complete ones online, it takes many stages. ...i just read what i wrote and it doesnt make any sense. Its late and im tired and probably poisoned a bit. This plating solution is not doing my throat any favours. I really shouldnt be doing this indoors and unmasked. My throat stung badly for about two hours. I realised (and yet i keep doing it again and again!) as i was looking at it plate, i was leaning directly over the acid bath inhaling the fumes in sheer amazement! Lovely, not. Ill never learn. Night night. Hope i wake up! Lol.
  10. Nice! ...and kitties too!!! Could you do a close up? And i pretty much always print colorfabb 0.06 default temps on s5 now usually 185-195 on my um2. Bespoke wing support default tenticles support at 13%. Three shell 1.2 mm .4 nozzle 2 fast 70mms inner walls 1 outer at 30mm. Hollow. Then a hot knife to cut thruough the support and needle pliers the rest. Then a dremmel to smooth it out and a sand once over and then into the acetone and then touch up sanding here and there and then painting. Done.
  11. Meow, Hail Cathulhu! Lolz for a friend. Very happy with this print, didnt spent long cleaning it up either!
  12. Ok painted it. Friend wanted it too much.
  13. Just curious but how much are these scanners? I really hate it when prices aren't included on the websites. It reminds me of expensive gym memberships. You have to directly enquire.
  14. Not at the moment, but I will probably start a patreon soon sharing most if not all of my sculpts, as Im getting a lot of requests. This dog and a few others keep cropping up. Stay posted. I haven't sculpted or drawn in a while and miss it tremendously! Thats my weekend sorted!
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