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  1. Looks epic!!! Really like it! Well done! 23 days. My patience wears thin after 1 day!
  2. Hi Kman! Happy to help!!, the model is just smooth after due to the acetone and final touches with sand paper. I didnt even use an undercoat, id recommend using black or something dark.
  3. Cant believe i havent replied to this already. Its called Mirror by Stuart Semple! Need to check my inbox!
  4. Love these critters! amazing work as always!!
  5. Anytime I had layer shifting I cleaned and added lube to the rods and it sorted it. You may also want to make sure there is no slack in the belts either. But cleaning has worked for me for years. Luckily I've never had to do any other kind of maintenance. But i'd start at the easiest option. Its usually larger stuff this occurs on most but I guess it can effect anything.
  6. I could bring my time down using false nozzle sizes. Say 0.6 instead of 0.4 but top surfaces would beed a little help. If its large its kind of hard to avoid it taking long mind you.
  7. Mind you I don't print that many items, so a 24Hrs print is not an issue for me, and I print hollow, so to have a real nice print that needs very little clean up after 24hrs, means its worth the wait. also I rarely ever get failed prints. If ever. So no time wasted there either!
  8. I tend to print everything with 0.06 layer height. It greatly improves quality. Outside 30mm inside 70mm per second.
  9. Thanks for the kind words!!. Im putting all my stuff up there. Just lookup cloakfiend on patreon! There is only one. Not sure i can post links here! Let me know if you still cant find it!
  10. This model is one of my own. But its in my patreon if you really wanted it! I've cleaned it up a bit since these were taken.
  11. And today i applied a chrome paintjob, im a bit tired of plating for now. Its a big bigger than my jar so will be a pain. Just chromed it up instead. Mirror finished are very unforgiving and i rushed it a bit and touched it too often whe is was wet needing to keep respraying it. I decided to leave it after the third coat and just accept it as it was.
  12. Im Just putting it together now, but here is a still from the timelapse for you!
  13. The back. I have an amazing burring technique to rid the support material really really quickly, and can clean up the wholw back in under 5 mins, im maimg a video to show how!
  14. Its printed like you see it. Flat, because of the teeth. I didnt want any support on the teeth at all because there is no room to remove them. Just auto support which i find to be ok on stuff that lies flat.
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