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  1. Im glad you kept the white colour though. It means it can live in my mums kitchen without her being to bothered about it!. Black would be a no no for the kitchen
  2. Lol, i was just bored and felt like offerring a design suggestion/direction for the brand logo...which wasnt asked for btw lol. ...but surely you noticed theres no more robot on the side. My s5 has a robot. The one on the picture doesn't.
  3. I'm torn about the font choice for Ultimaker though. I get the symmetrical U as a logo but the rest? hmm. I kinda prefer the other font it appeared more clean, new one seems just like a basic typed out font from dafont or some free site. Legal issue? whatever. minor quarm. Please change it back, you can leave the U if you like. Eurostile is a fav of mine, lolz.
  4. Ahh until i got the s5 i never had two extruders so i guess i never encountered those issues! lucky for me! I guess being late to the game wasnt so bad then! Now to master .06 pva....
  5. I never used s3d. Only cura. Never had any issues. Cura always gave me great results.
  6. Regarding pla smoothing with acetone. Im not sure about the pla being cheap or not. But it needs specific additives in it which enables it to smooth and more importantly you need to print higher rez, i usually go for 0.06. I know you may think print times may be too long but I can guarantee you that you make up time in post and you dont need filler. That picture frame thing above would be easier to slap filler and sand, unlike other complex geometry. You also need to be able to sand without leaving marks as well, again sanding acetoned pla is easier than sanding filler in my opinion. I use various colourfabb pla/pha colours for my pla, but apparently that thomas sandler guy on you tube makes some transparent green pla that smooths as well and is much cheaper. Any questions just ask, but as gr5 said. Dont over do it. As your model will split. A single heavy brush on should be fine but you need to take extra care if thecmodel is flat or has thin areas. If its flat like the frame then put a few books on it over night as it dries or even a few days depending if the acetone has ecaporated or not. Have a play and remember to use nitrile gloves...a few of them! Good luck whatever your method.
  7. I don't need the filters and spool thing. I just need the printer itself. I still use my UM2 from time to time, but the S5 just makes my life easier and less hassle. I click a button and as long as theres material on the spool I'm good to go. Im satisfied with the quality if i print slower and smarter. I simply cant justify an SLS printer ATM. I'd like to print some rubber wheels for fun but cant see myself getting an SLA just for fun. I waste enough money on chems as it is! FDM printers can be justified for fun. I've just found ultimakers to deliver faster and consistently superior quality to others at the time of buying. Maybe if I become a master at Zbrush I 'may' get an SLA but until then I'm good with my S5 and UM2. Unfortunately for the casual user, making things idiot proof and one click operational increases the price due to research and development. For production you need consistency and the Ultimakers have it. The only qualm or issue I have recently realised (even though I kinda new about it back in the day is that the centre screw is open to the elements which means if you don't clean it from dust and debris from time to time then you will start to get layer lines especially on taller objects, but that is just a maintenance thing, if it was covered and I couldn't get it to clean it, it would be much worse! But with the new lid thing, this shouldn't be a problem anymore for the S5. Other than that, gravity is my only real enemy! I'd recommend Ultimaker printers to anyone seeking good quality prints. After all quality is all I care about and the reason I bought one in the first place. So I'll give credit where credit is due, but to think I was going to get a Makerbot all those years ago makes me tremble.
  8. Resin Printing is a whole new ball game. and you don't have anywhere near the materials to play with....just resin. It shatters. it still needs post production and a lot more of it. However I cant say too much seeing as I've never used it but I can say it will cost you a lot more in the long run from what I've read. From what I understand unless someone corrects me, Its nice for display purposes, but thats it. PLA/ PHA with acetone and a bespoke manual support system gives me results that pretty much match resin even for small details like fingers so I don't really care much for resin at the moment. SLA is better in pure resolution but I'm not too fussed. You can't come back to an SLA printer after a while like you can with an FDM one, because of the resin. So if your not gonna be using it everyday don't bother.
  9. Ah! i was almost right about the spool at the bottom. Just rather than one there are many. Very curious how this works with spool tension breaking filaments and stuff midway. We'll see. So... no robots switching plates then. Bummer. So you can now print massive stuff without worrying if you are going to run out! No worrys for tangles and such. Just goes to next spool.
  10. 7am.... still no cigar.😢
  11. still nothing....4am UK time. Im guessing they'll do it midday? I can't imagine US time as Ultimaker is not a US company. Shame would have had something interesting to read..... o well back to sculpting... Now I'm thinking about the hassle free part..... So, hassle free printing. meaning?..... where is the hassle? I have zero hassle with the S5. The real hassle is post production! So hassle may mean easy plate removal, as thats hassle. Changing filament is also hassle but not much (only if you do it via the menus!) and its not really hassle just takes a while. Hmmmmm....
  12. its the 24th now. Still nothing. 🤔
  13. But that robot didn't move 😉 I really like not knowing for some reason. Am always curious if people think of improving or changing the things that I feel could be improved? Hell sometimes im not sure what can be improved. I wish I was an engineer sometimes. Meanwhile I've been delving into metal works and acetone application. lol. I thought about the continous part a bit more and think that you are still gonna have to remove the plate but it will simply carry on afterwards when you pop it back on. The automation on the S5 works real great so its all my brain can come up with whilst drawing a cheesy Cathulhu model. and I've had no real concerns apart from the main screw getting dust on it and requiring regular cleaning to avoid print lines above a certain height. The S5 just works so this is gonna be even better? can't wait! 2.5 more hours to go! I reckon that perhaps they have developed a plate that removes your models VERY easily. Would save me time chipping away at the borders of troublesome models for sure! Also completely overlooked the massive cylinder thing in the middle? no clue there im afraid!
  14. It could possibly be called the S3, I guess it would make sense in creating an 'S' line. Bringing a smaller version of the S5 to consumers and refreshing the line. I'm more curious about the continuous part of the statement however, and the head and feeder mechanisms.... they made a better job of crushing the blacks in this video than that of the S5 though so couldn't mess much with the colour levels.
  15. Well heres a quick composite i did. look similar to the S5 but a slimmer frame. Head looks different. more square. only hours to wait though. Im doing a cool print at the moment so i can wait! The build plate looks identical. Even the rods are the same distance apart....maybe lol. Touch display looks smaller though.
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