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Posted · Complete Ultimaker Assemly

That's great! ... but what I need is a Guide that comes in Parts with someone who can take the time to explain to the masses in a language that we can all understand ... and then in a dialect specific to that region. maybe then ... The Ultimaker will be "more" accessible to the masses. ;)

Part 1 YouTube

Part 2 YouTube

Part 3 YouTube

If only ... Sigh ...


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    Posted · Complete Ultimaker Assemly

    Actually, assembly instructions in video form are quite horrible. They did this for the PrintrBot. The result is that you keep pausing/rewinding/seeking in the video to see what the hack is happening.

    (The fact that the PrintrBot assemble recordings where odd didn't help. At some part you needed to disassemble a piece because a previous video forgot a bit)


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    Posted · Complete Ultimaker Assemly

    "Actually" ... that's exactly what I do, and it "actually" helps.

    Each to their own ...

    You Tube Tutorials, helps Millions of People through ought the world.

    We can't all be engineers and or programers.

    I'm actually considering the Prinbot LC now. Perhaps not the perfection of the Ultimaker.

    It's cheaper, and it comes, with the apparent Must have for ABS ... a heat bed.

    WOW ... much cheaper and your right ...

    A You Tube Guide.

    Thanks man ...




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    Posted · Complete Ultimaker Assemly

    If you want an PrintrBot LC Plus, a friend of mine is selling one, assembled, with all the upgrades. He never got it to print repeatedly. It's a fun little printer for if you want to tinker with printers, but if you are expecting to do printing on it, you might feel cheated. My friend wanted to print things for his garden train track, but he never got around getting anything done for it (he's had it for 6 months now). And he is saving up money for an Ultimaker now.

    It has new extruder gears that I printed (as the one shipped with it where horribly warped), the bed leveling upgrade, belt-tensioner upgrade and a glass plate for the heated bed. It came without a powersupply. So in the end, he payed somewhere around $900 for everything (at least the new gears where free...)


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    Posted · Complete Ultimaker Assemly

    I don't know man ... ever since you brought the name up ... I've been checking out the forum over at PrintrBot, and like here ... they too have people sharing their results. Also ... If I thought this forum was active; well that one is like a bees nest on steroids. (The truth is ... PrintrBot was next on my list ... if I was dissatisfied with Ultimakers potential with ABS)

    I could never give weight to the opinions of one user over another, but all the same; thanks for the warning. The same Ulltimate Guide that listed Ultimaker as top on the list, also gave PrintrBot a good rap as well. So far the results over there look good to me. A lot more activity regarding ABS printing as well.

    I have nothing to prove one way or the other ... I am after a unit with a Heat Bed or an upgrade that does not require sourcing parts from a dozen places and an electronics degree. I am glad I have another head to think with. I believe my wife is correct ... No Heat Bed ... No Sale

    Ultimaker, does not currently provide what is recommended for hassle free, ABS printing. Great product all the same.

    I'm kind of going to be busy over at PrintrBot now. I started at leapfrog ... have enjoyed my time here ... and who knows perhaps after a few days at PrintrBot, I may even post in more communities before I find what I need. Possibly even back here.

    Again ... thanks for your help. You know your stuff, and your advise is well received.

    Take care.



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