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Idea for slicer feature

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Posted · Idea for slicer feature

I am printing models that are challenging the repeatability and size accuracy of my UMO.  To achieve accurate dimensions in the XY plane, I generally scale models up for shrinkage factors.  In my experience, the shrinkage factor has less of an impact in the Z direction due to consistent resetting of position on each subsequent layer.  Bear in mind that I am often printing with a .2mm layers with an .8mm nozzle for speed.

In my opinion, 2 other aspects control final Z dimensions to a greater degree.

The first is the amount of 'squish' on the initial layer.  The first layer may be targeted for any particular thickness, however after the squish, that first layer may will differ depending on the machines setup, usually thinner to some degree.  I would like to see an offset feature to somehow compensate for this often thinner first layer.  The offset value would have to be the result of print tests, and would require a strictly controlled physical machine setup.

Secondly, often models do not slice to an whole number of layers equaling the total height of the model.  i.e. As I understand it, when a model has an overall height of 5.7mm, and the slicer is set for .2mm layers, the slicer will slice the model with 28 .2mm slices, and will not print the final .1mm of the model. In this example, I would like to see the slicer slice perhaps 25 layers at .2mm, and slice the final .7mm as 4 layers at .175mm thick totaling the full 5.7mm.

Any thoughts?

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