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Cura slow in Finder, Slice failure? accidental Gcode view

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Hi Guys

Three things..


I noticed since tha last upgrade for Cura the OS dialogs have gotten realy slow. Takes several seconds before the content of a folder is displayed.. Other Apps dont even need 0.01 second to show all folder content.

I recently got an SSD and everything getting slower again realy bugs me.


I sliced the Pressurepen.stl multiple times to compare how the gcode filled the walls.

So i was adjusting the Layercounter to see beween some layers.

After that i changed some (infill) parameters and resliced. (didnt set the Layercounter back to 0)

Now after the slice finished i got my gcode, but it was somehow animated... layers kept blend in, up to the point where i was looking into the layers before. then it stopped.

somehow cura remenbered this setting and reproduced it.


Now i cleared Cura s Gcodes away, reloaded the .stl and tried again..

I know the .stl is not perfectly healthy but it printed fine earlier.

Look what i got...


i got this strange Gcode disc hovering in my print.

Sadly i actually cant reproduce that until now

but i still have that gcode and a screenshot.

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