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Can't Connect to Duet Controller

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I've just installed a Duet controller into my Mini Kossel printer. I'm unable to connect to it using Cura over USB. I was able to connect to the Azteeg X3 that was in it previously. The error log I get is...

Changing monitoring state from 'Offline' to 'Opening serial port'

Connecting to: COM5 with baudrate: 115200 (configured)

Unexpected error while connecting to serial port: COM5 ValueError: 'Cannot configure port, some setting was wrong. Original message: [Error 121] The semaphore timeout period has expired.' @ machineCom.py:_monitor:332

Found no ports to try for auto detection

Changing monitoring state from 'Opening serial port' to 'Error: Failed to autodetect serial port.'

I'm able to connect to it fine using Simplify3D if I enable hardware flow control. Is there a setting for this in Cura?

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For whatever reason, I was finally able to connect to the Duet last night. I don't really think I changed anything. I just kept trying and it finally worked.

However, there's still an issue. I was able to jog the printer just fine from Cura but when I tried to print something the hotend wouldn't move. I'd see the progress bar moving as if Cura thought it was sending data and it was being executed but there was never any movement from the printer. Strangely enough, I've been helping a friend who is building a Cartesian printer based on the RAMBo controller who is having the exact same issue (can jog but not print). We thought it was a printer issue but maybe its a Cura issue. Ideas?



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@nallath - Thanks for the reply. The RAMBo has probably been around and used in several (RepRap based) commercial printers longer than any. The 32-bit Duet is quickly taking off among builders. It would be worth getting one of each for your test lab. I'd be willing to bet you could get one of each donated if you made a request.

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There is a limited amount of time that we get to spend on non-um products and getting them to work in Cura (as it's still Ultimaker that pays me for my work, it's reasonable that they expect a strong focus on their / our products).

But Cura is open source, so if people want to help, i'd love to answer questions / help out.

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