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Wearable Star Wars CAPTAIN PHASMA HELMET 3D Printed!

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Dear fellow Star Wars Enthusiasts,

I have recently printed and finished an amazing model of the Captain Phasma Helmet from Star Wars Ep. VII.

You may watch the video about the printing and building process here:


Model can be found here:


Hope you enjoy watching :)

Best regards

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Hi @PrintingRevo, great print! And nice video.

I have the feeling I have seen more video's from you but it seems you only have 3 posts.

Have you been posting your video's else where as well?

Did you put regular sunglasses behind the 'eyes'?

And hopefully you are OK after that intrusive laser-attack! WOW.

Luckily those stormtroopers can't hit anything anyway ;)


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Hey there SandervG,

thanks, I am glad you liked it :)

sure, I had another user on here actually, but it seems like my old nickname was too long after you updated your website/community platform which in turn caused me not being able to log onto here anymore unfortunately. Thats why I created a new account. :)

I also post my videos on reddit and 3dprintboard.

No, those are no sunglasses, but rather thin plexiglass used for model airplanes. It can be heated up and formed over forms if needed. :) I also put some tinted car foil over the plexiglass.

Of course, I am, it was a close call though :)

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