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Company update April 2016


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Posted · Company update April 2016

It has been a while since our previous company update, and it is time to update you on some of the things that are going on. Every day we are making steps forward and this soon adds up to leaps of progress.

We would like to bring you up to speed and keep you involved with Ultimaker. At Ultimaker we have always listened very closely to our users so please continue to share your feedback and be part of what direction we’re taking.

Ultimaker Sessions | Cura open Beta | Ultimaker app | Stock extrusion upgrade | Website

Ultimaker Sessions

Most of you are familiar with the Ulti-Evening’s that we have been hosting as long as we have been around. Once every 6 weeks there is a local get together in Fablab Protospace (NL) where Ultimaker was born. This originally started in our head office, when both software and hardware couldn’t be further away from the reliable resource it is today. There were no printing profiles yet, no Cura and no manuals. Basically this meant these get-togethers’ where a necessity if you wanted to get your Ultimaker to work. By learning from each other. These Ulti-evenings evolved and in their latest form they involve an educational presentation followed by an interactive workshop. For a while there has been a call from our users to share the content and knowledge that rose on such Ulti-Evenings and we have considered and tried a variety of things, from recording it, doing a recap or document the entire thing.

Eventually, we came to understand that the best way to do this is to join forces with our dedicated partners. Because we don’t want to limit them to host such a session during the evening (Ulti-evening) we have renamed it to Ultimaker Sessions.

Our partners will help and take part in hosting Ultimaker Sessions in your area. We will run a pilot with two of our partners in May/June. 3DGBIRE (UK) and MakerShop (France) could no longer suppress their excitement and are the first two to host a local Ultimaker Session.

After reviewing these Ultimaker Sessions we will expand with more partners.

A typical Ultimaker Sessions is fun, interactive and inspiring. After visiting an Ultimaker Session you take something home with you, in most cases a valuable learned lesson and sometimes an actual ‘goodie’. Social values of meeting other Ultimaker users, becoming part of a local community of experts, sharing knowledge and meet new friends are key to an Ultimaker Session. Would an Ultimaker Session be interesting for you to attend?

Cura Open Beta

We have been working on an improved version of https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software for quite some time. We are happy to announce we have made it into an open Beta version. If you want to give it a spin follow this link and download the new Cura. Let us know what you think in this dedicated thread. To give you an idea what to expect here are some of the release notes:

- Intuitive user interface

- Accessible beginner settings and in depth Expert mode.

- You can select multiple objects

- It is easier to share print profiles

- You can select different profiles for different objects

- Improved support structures

For more information, check out the new manual.

Ultimaker App

A lot of us are on the road quite often, and yet we want to stay connected to each other. This is why we developed an app so even though you are out you can still check the latest stories, manuals and support pages. Next time you are at a party you are just a few clicks away from sharing that amazing video of what you were talking about.

The app is also convenient when you are not near your computer but you still need a helping hand when you are working with your Ultimaker. It has been around for a few months already, but it will be improved on a few levels next week!

It will be expanded with a slick integration of the troubleshooting and tips & tricks pages.

There is also a link directly to our forums in case you need one of your Ultimaker buddies to help you specifically.

If you want to be cautious with your data usage you will also be able to have it only play video’s when you are connected to wifi.

When you never want to miss a thing, you can also receive push notification when new stories will be uploaded.

All the reported bugs have also been fixed.

Stock extrusion upgrade

Due to the success of the Ultimaker 2 Extrusion upgrade there was only a limited stock available for some time. Currently we are dealing with an average lead time of 6-8 weeks. While you are reading this we are working overtime to get all of our partners restocked and reduce this lead time to zero as soon as possible. From April 20th on the leadtime will be 4-6 weeks and the upcoming 4 weeks we will ship out all existing orders. Get in touch with your reseller if you want more information regarding your order.

Site improvements

As always our website is continuously being submitted to improvements and changes.

We have been putting a lot of effort in mapping out the scene in which 3D printing is being used. This will result in new exploring pages on our website and a new frame of reference in which we will share stories. On our new and improved menu structure you will see that we have divided everything in what, where and how.

It is not unusual that visitors come to our website without being very experienced with the concept of 3D printing. Therefor our first step is to explain what 3D printing is.

Another deviation in the menu are various segments where we know 3D printing plays an influential role. The ‘Where’. For example, branches like automotive, healthcare, architecture and DIY / maker.

Finally, how is 3D printing being used? This depends on each segment, but can be listed under engineering or research for example, but also more specific applications like jigs and fixtures, functional prototyping, visual aid and end use parts. We will illustrate these various examples with real user cases.

Based on these 3 deviations we will also categorize future stories to compliment the database. On May 26th the website will be updated with these new improvements.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!

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