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Printing with LDPE

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Posted · Printing with LDPE

Hey guys,

I am trying to print with LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and the print is continuing to warp. I have tried multiple settings but my current settings are: Nozzle Temp: 220 C, Bed Plate Temp: 70 C, Fan: 0 %

I have tried everything in mind:

-Blue tape with rubbing alcohol

-Blue tape with glue

-Glue on plate surface

-Bonding to PLA and ABS

-Adjusting settings (Bed temp, Nozzle temp, fan, speed, etc.)

-Draft shield


Please help me out with suggestions! I am running out of options.

Thank you

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Posted · Printing with LDPE

Hi there,

I know nothing of LDPE, but I have played with other special plastics and read a lot.

People say ABS sticks to Kapton (polyamide?) tape, with or without glue.

I've used crazy glue (cyanoacrylate?) glue on Kapton to get polycarbonate to stick (it mostly worked, but some warping on my single experiment).

There are also products like BuildTak and PEI tape that seem to be popular.

Also, others swear by super hold hair spray.

I have also seen people put a thin sheet of pegboard on top of the glass plate, so that the plastic can stick into the small holes. This would make for a rough bottom, but as a last resort....

Also, is LDPE dissolvable? Maybe you can make an LDPE version of ABS juice. You would probably want to see what the dissolving agent does to you glass plate, though, first.

Anyway, I have not tried all these things myself, but maybe these ideas can point you in the right direction.

Question: why LDPE?

If you gain any success, please share your results/insights it with the community. I have not read of anyone else trying LDPE, so your insights would be valuable. :)

Good luck! :)

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