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Resuming a failed print, need y-offset in gcode?


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Posted (edited) · Resuming a failed print, need y-offset in gcode?

Hey everybody,

Today I learned the hard way that launching cura 2.1.2 whilst connected to your printer, will reboot the printer. Unfortunately I had a 16h print running, which had almost finished, and it was interrupted. I am now trying to save my print, but I can't quite figure it out completely.

I followed gr5's instructions in this thread, and it works, but not completely.

I have managed to find the correct layer, and the point in the gcode where the printer stopped. I edited my gcode to start were it left off, using gr5's instructions. This works fine, but somehow there's an offset of about 3.25mm in the y-direction. I used calipers to measure it as best I could. The strange thing is that when I check the coordinates in the gcode using pronterface, everything looks just fine.

So I tried to adjust the gcode to accomodate for this. First, I checked the reprap wiki and I tried to use M218 to set an offset to the hot end, but this didn't change anything unfortunately. Then, I found this topic about setting a print bed offset, so I tried using those commands to adjust the origin, but again, no cigar.

I'm not quite ready yet to give up on my print, so hopefully one of you knows a solution. :)

This is what the start of my gcode looks like currently


;FLAVOR:UltiGCode;TIME:57424;MATERIAL:107712;MATERIAL2:0;NOZZLE_DIAMETER:0.4;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.1.2;LAYER_COUNT:332;LAYER:0; try to adjust the origin of the printerG28G0 X0 Y0 Z0G92 X0 Y3.25 Z0M106 S200G1 F9000 X0 Y0 Z60.500;TYPE:SKIRT;LAYER:302G10G1 Z45.950G0 X104.380 Y70.229 Z46.100;TYPE:SKIRTG1 Z45.600G11G92 E7470.42589; from here on, nothing was changedG1 X104.749 Y82.501 E7470.49189G1 X33.443 Y82.501 E7474.77025G1 X33.442 Y81.401 E7474.83625G1 X35.843 Y81.401 E7474.98031


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    Posted · Resuming a failed print, need y-offset in gcode?

    I didn't want to leave my printer idle any longer, so I wrote a script to adjust all the Y values in the gcode. Worked like a charm :D Unfortunately there's also a small offset in the x-direction that I couldn't see before, but I can't really be bothered to stop the print again.

    However, if anyone knows a solution to this problem (without adjusting every value), or why it even occurs in the first place, I'd still like to hear it.

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    Posted (edited) · Resuming a failed print, need y-offset in gcode?

    Today I unfortunately had another print that failed close to finishing, when somehow the filament got tangled on the spool and the feeder got stuck. The last bit that was printed was way underextruded, mostly strings and a few blobs here and there.

    I decided to use pronterface to print the remaining part, mostly because I was afraid that the Ultimaker start up sequence, where it raises the bed and then moves the print head to the front, would bump the print head into the print.

    I edited the gcode again, just starting at the beginning of the layer where it had stopped and adding a G92 to adjust the extrusion and a G0 to move the bed to the right height. I homed the head and bed, made sure some plastic was extruded and then I resumed the print in pronterface. It worked perfectly.  No offset at all, the coordinates were spot on, just as they were. Apart from some blobs an the outside at the layer where I resumed, you can't even see that the print was interrupted, which makes me very happy :D

    This leaves my wondering how I don't have any issues with an offset now. I used to think that it might be caused by the homing procedure not being very precise, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Anybody have any clue?

    Here are some pictures:



    The 'scar' is visible about 5mm from the top.

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