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Posted · Extrusion issues

I've been having problems for a while now changing my filaments and extrusion.

Whenever I go to change the filament it doesn't extract and gets stuck in the Bowden tube. What appears to be happening is the filament has a bulge or 'plug' at the end which is causing it the jam in the Bowden tube as soon as starts to retract. This usually means that I have to remove the Bowden tube from the feed and push the filament to unblock it.

I've tried cleaning the hotend with the Atomic method numerous times without issue but now I'm finding that when I reduce the temperature to 90°c and pull the filament out its not coming out cleanly. In stead of finding a nice, cone shaped, end on the filament I'm getting a blunt end. What I'm suspecting that's happening is as I pull the filament out its somehow sticking in the hotend and breaking off. I'm also guessing that this is causing the issue I'm having with the fattened filament end.

Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone have a solution?

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    Posted · Extrusion issues

    It's an UM2 with 1043:28 printing time.

    As first it starts printing fine but usually somewhere on the first layer (depending on the size of the print) it stops extruding.

    What I'm suspecting is happening is when I'm using the atomic method and pulling the filament out the filament is breaking off and remaining in the hotend. When I then feed new filament in its the peice that's remained in the hotend that's first extruding and the new filament is pushing against this which then is causing it to have the plug at the end which results in the blockage. I may well be wrong though.

    As for the Teflon you mentioned I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this and even less sure on how to check it. Lol.

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