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Gcode and Ultimaker 2 Extended + issues

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Posted · Gcode and Ultimaker 2 Extended + issues

I am having some issues printing my own gcode files with the Ultimaker 2 Extended +. I attempted with both the Cura 2.1.3 software and the Cura 15.04.6 software with similar issues explained below:


I was having issues with the firmware update. It would say I was updating but when I checked the printer the version and date never changed.

To double check, I attempted to print one of my gcode files anyway (I always used the SD card to print). It started the print off correctly, however halfway through the bottom layer it went far left and wanted to keep going. So as not to break or strip the gears I aborted the print. I attempted this again with a new gcode and it had a similar issue and the material seemed to have stripped and gotten clogged in the feeder.


I then completely removed Cura from my computer and the downloaded and installed this version of Cura, thinking that may have been the issue. I was then able to update the firmware and was confirmed it changed on the printer. I again created a gcode through Cura and copied it onto the SD card. This time it got a little further along than previously but it still ended up doing the same thing. Going all the way far left and then I aborted it. I then redid a gcode in Cura, checking the layers for anything noticeably off, saved to the SD and tried again. This time however, no material ever extruded and when I removed the PLA it had been stripped like before.

The test prints turned out perfectly with no issues. So I attempted in Cura to use one of the test models provided and create a new gcode and then attempted to print. The same issues occurred. However, when I tried the old test gcode it printed fine again.

I am not sure what the issue is, other than it seems to be produced by the gcode.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Posted · Gcode and Ultimaker 2 Extended + issues

    This kinda sounds like one of your pullies is loose (the one that controls left/right)

    You should try and tighten all of the set screws on the pullies that control the left/right motion.

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