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UMO+ New User & Assembly Manual V3.0 Comments


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Posted · UMO+ New User & Assembly Manual V3.0 Comments

Hello Ultimaker Community,

I received my UMO+ kit a couple of weeks ago and assembled it over the weekend. Overall, the assembly went very well, although it did take longer than I expected because I was being meticulous.

I am new to personal 3D printers, but I have a number of years of experience with the "professional" systems at work. I changed jobs a couple of years ago and have not had ready access to a printer since then, so I finally broke down and got myself the UMO+ kit. I figured that by building it myself it will be easier to maintain and mod it in the future.

I have been having a lot of fun with it impressing people with print quality. It even compared favorably to a print from a $trata$ys machine. My wife couldn't figure out why I bought it, but after I made a figurine or two for her, she now gets it :).

As I assembled the UMO+ kit, I noted a few things that might be useful for a future update of the assembly manual. Please note that these edits are mostly minor and I did not have any difficulty assembling the kit using the v3.0 manual. Sorry in advance for this long posting.

Ultimaker Original Plus Assembly Manual v3.0 Notes:

p.7: Fan pack does not include (1 ea) 1326 Warning sticker

p.7: “Feeder pack” is called out in the manual, but it is labeled “Extruder Pack” on the zip-lock bag packaging.

p.10: “Axle pack” is called out in the manual, but it is labeled “Axes Pack” on the box.

p.14: There is no “Warning sticker” included in the kit to place on the back panel.

p. 15: I needed to use a small hammer and a scrap piece of wood to set the bearings into the holes. There is no way this could have been done by hand as described in the manual.

p.16: Fig.4 shows Front, Left and Right panels, but should show Front, Left and Back panels.

p.19: Cable ducts are labeled “long” and “short” in the manual, but are labeled “front” and “back” on the zip-lock bag.

p.23: (3 ea) 1214 Lock nut should be (7 ea), and no 1209 Hex nuts are needed.

p.31: (12 ea) 1208 Hex nut should be (12 ea) 1209 Hex nut

p.46: Figure 101 is incorrectly labeled as Figure 86.

p.49: Quantity of 1028 Z linear shaft should be (2 ea), not (1 ea)

p.55: No 1326 Warning sticker was included in my kit

p.61: Step 3, “fronr” should be “front”

p.62: Step 5.1.5-1: No warning sticker included in my kit

p.70: “Feeder pack” is labeled “Extruder pack” on zip-lock bag

p.71: “M6” nut, washers and cap nut should be “M8”

p.93: 8.2.4 Sensors, Step 2: “black plug” is actually white, but the cable is black. May be better to call it “black cable”

Additional Notes:

Although the instructions say to hand tighten the PEEK isolator and brass tube to the heater block, I found that I needed to use a small wrench to tighten the connection a bit after a week or so of use. I was getting some PLA leakage that was leaving brown deposits and “boogers” on my prints until I figured out what was going on.

Also, I don’t remember seeing anywhere in the instructions to place the glass plate on the heated bed. Although this may be obvious, for completeness it would be nice to add that step to the manual.

Please take or leave these suggestions at your discretion. As I mentioned already, I had no real difficulty with the assembly, but these edits might help someone in the future. In general the v3.0 manual is very good.

Also as mentioned above, my kit did not include the “warning stickers” to place on the print head and back panel as indication in the manual. Have these been eliminated from the kit, or were they just missing from mine?

Best regards,


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