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Ultimaker 2 Filament issues

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Hey Everyone,

So I've had my Ultimaker 2 for just over a year now, I haven't had that many issues with it but lately a few things have been happening to it and I was wondering if anyone else has has these issues and knows any fixes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Quick bit of back ground on the printer, I only ever use 2,85 mm PLA bought from 3dgbire.com, I switch between Black and Silver but mostly use black. I haven't upgraded to the Extruder, though if it's something that people suggest (and if it's easy to do) then it's something I might have to do, but ideally I'd like to avoid that for the moment.

- I've noticed that the filament won't come out clean if I haven't set the nozzle temperature to 230°C. I used to be able to just print and not have to change the temperature of the nozzle at all

- The Feeder will make a quiet *click* sound roughly every 13 seconds during a print.

- The Extruder sometimes won't extrude any filament, instead the feeder will just keep clicking.

- Sometimes when the Extruder is extruding the filament, it's clearing less then is meant to be extruded. (The filament comes out way to thin).

Sometimes to fix the Extruder not extruding filament, I remove the filament from the printer, remove the bowden tube and clip from the top of the extruder, heat the nozzle to 230°C, run a spare piece of filament through the top of the extruder until it's coming through the nozzle, change the temperature to 80°C and put the filament out, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.

Sorry about the essay, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D

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Maybe it's time to check the teflon if you didn't already, you can find more information about it on this page (scroll down to where it says checking the PTFE coupler)


THAT WORKED! (Though the feeder is still making a click every 13 seconds) Thanks so much! I changed the hot end while I was at it. Is there anyway of cleaning the old hot head and keeping as a spare or should I just get another hot end set?

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