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Cura 2.3 Infill issue for new patterns: Cubic and Tethraedral

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New infill patterns in Cura 2.3 are Cubic and Tethraedral.

Good! Since they breaks continuity of infill holes in Z axis.

But there is a transposition between them:

If we chosse "Cubic" then tethraedral is printed.

If we choose "Tethraedral" then Cubic is printed.

This transposition can be checked in layer view (layer view matches the printed piece).

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I think you are mistaken. It's quite hard to see the 3d pattern by just looking at 2d layers.

The cubic pattern has triangles / hexagons on each layer, while tetrahedral has 4 regular spaces line grids in two directions. (The two line grids in the same direction sway back and forth)

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