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Why is my print offset?

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Posted · Why is my print offset?

For the longest time now I've been thinking that my prints are offset on the build plate. Then today I looked carefully and yep they are offset toward the front of the printer by about 10 or 20 mm.

I operate my printer from the medical bed where I spend most of my time so I view prints at such an angle that the offset is not obvious. This explains why it has gone on for so long without my noticing it. Now I do notice it and it's rather obvious.

So I looked thru all the settings and even replaced the printer model with a new one. Also I am using Cura 2.3 so it is not Cura itself.

I am concerned about "Gremlins" as I call them, ill will residents who enter my unlocked room while I am sleeping to do sneaky things. In the past I have seen definite evidence of this, though the rate of incidents has slowed down greatly. It could also be something simple like I used to use Cura for my Printrbot which had a 150mm bed. The offset may have been set in Cura's Printrbot days and still exist in the machine somehow.

However it began does not matter. I want to fix it. Your helpful comments are greatly appreciated as always.


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    Posted · Why is my print offset?

    What 3D Printer are you using? Is it still the PrintrBot?

    When you 'Home' the Printer, where does the Print Head land? On the Build Plate or off?

    I Cura, Home is set to 0,0,0 so If the Print Head is off the Bed (like many Prusa I3 Printers), it will offset your prints. This can be fixed in the gCode Startup.

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