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New Ultimaker 2+ Extended issues

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Hi all,

I've recently got an UM 2+ extended at my workplace and have a couple of issues with it, firstly on the initial print the filament did not extrude from the nozzle. I did an atomic clean just to confirm that there was no clog (which didn't seem to be the issue), I then adjusted the tension on the feeder and was then able to print ok. Great I thought.

I then changed filament and same thing happened, repeated above process of cleaning nozzle and adjusting tension on feeder and managed to extrude plastic. Have people has similar issues on the UM2 +? I have been using a UM2 for around 2 years and have never had this kind of issue.

Second query..whilst changing filament from the genuine UM filament that came with printer (750g) to Verbatim filament (1kg), I noticed that the spool holder seems to have reduced in size, so now will not fit the 1kg spool on. I know I can print another larger holder, but was surprised that this had changed. Anyone know why this was changed!?



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Hi Andy,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community :)

Besides being able to extrude some plastic, would you say you made a successful print?

And did you have to tighten the spring again, after the filament swap?

If you are unsure about the quality of your prints, you could upload some photo's of your prints. That would be of much help diagnosing your Ultimaker.

What exactly your issue is, is still kinda unclear to me from your post.

About the spool holder, since the development of dual extrusion was stopped there was no need for the bigger spool holder (fitting 2 reels). The smaller the full dimensions of the machine, the more spaces it would fit in. And it allows for less movement of the reel or filament wrapping around the spool holder.

If you want a bigger one, I would indeed recommend to print a bigger reel holder.

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Hi, the quality of the prints was fine-no signs of under extrusion. Printed 4 or 5 things without any issues, it was only after changing and loading filament that no plastic at all came out of the nozzle. I had to re-adjust the feeder spring again as well as do an atomic clean. I'll try changing filament back again and see if the problem happens again.

Thanks for your reply.

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Thank you for your reply.

Good to hear there were no signs of under extrusion. Sounds like the set-up should work.

Could you explain step by step how you swap filament, and precisely what you do when feeding the new filament in? How does your Ultimaker behave?

Is it priming before you click OK?

What happens when you leave it in after feeding the filament, and go to maintenance and move material?

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When swapping filament, I select change material, it heats up and reverses material with no issues.

When feeding new filament, I cut filament to ensure a flat end, then push it into the feeder, wait until the end just shows and click OK on the printer. Filament moves along the bowden tube and into the print head. It's here that the filament seems to stop (if I look at the small indentations on the filament through the bowden tube, relative to the clips it seems to be stationary). No filament at all comes out of the nozzle.

I've tried to heat nozzle up to 260 and use the move material option and no filament extrudes at all.

I've just swapped back to the original filament - to print the larger spool holder ;-) and seems to be printing fine. Once this print completes I'll swap back and see if the problem happens again.


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When you are feeding the filament, could you push up the lever so you can manually feed it in? Does it feel like the filament gets stuck on an edge or something? Could you apply more force? When you see it goes in the printhead, at the moment when it stops does it looks like to be in the nozzle, or around the TFM coupler for example?

How tight are your 4 thumbscrews? Could it be that they are too tight and deform the head so the path of the filament is not perfectly straight down?

Alternatively, are you sure the other filament is also PLA?

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