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Cura 2.3.0 problem with custom profile

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Posted · Cura 2.3.0 problem with custom profile

Hello everybody,

I'm facing a big issue with cura + custom profile and I hope somebody can help me understand what is happening.

We have 2 3D printers at work (Makerbot 2X and German Reprap X350 Pro) and we are printing a lot of parts with dual extrusion (material and support). I've discovered recently Cura software and for me it's really the best software I've tried so far.

I was using Cura version 2.3.0 Beta and except a small display issue, everything was working very nicely. I made a custom json profile for the X350 printer with dual extruder and I had very nice prints. Then I upgraded to v2.3.0 final and now it's impossible to use my custom profile anymore. I compared it to the new dual extrusion profile for the ultimaker3 and it seems very similar.

I think I narrowed down the issue to the dual extrusion parameter:

The profile is loading fine and I can add my custom printer in cura if I set the "machine_extruder_count" value to 1 in the json file. (but of course the slicing will fail) But if I set the "machine_extruder_count" value to 2 (as it should be) the profile loads fine and when I add the custom printer nothing happens, I don't even see the build area in Cura. I see that the custom printer was added, but I cannot select it. I tried adding an ultimaker3 printer and it works fine.

I dont understand what is happening and I cannot use cura anymore :( I even tried with the new V2.3.1 today, but still the same. (I'm working on windows 8.1 x64 )

Does anybody have an idea why this is happening ? You can find my custom json files here, I would be very interested to know if this behaviour can be reproduced.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated !

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Posted · Cura 2.3.0 problem with custom profile

Found the issue;

Change the meta data in left extruder to;


"metadata": {       "machine": "grr_x350",       "position": "0"   },


and in right extruder to


"metadata": {       "machine": "grr_x350",       "position": "1"   },


The mistake you made was not defining a position and not using the filename as an ID.

If you get this tweaked out, would you mind making a pull request so others can benefit from this?

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Posted · Cura 2.3.0 problem with custom profile

Thank you so much for your answer, the custom profile is working now !

I tried with and without defining a position for the extruder without any luck.

But my real mistake was to use a different ID and filename.

I changed and used the same ID/filename and now it's working perfectly, thanks again !!

I'm still tweaking the profile a bit, and when I think the quality is good enough I will make a pull request.

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