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Calling for community translators

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Posted · Calling for community translators

Hello everybody,

because translating Cura is currently not easy for everyone, I thought about trying out an service by launchpad.net.

Currently Cura is being translated by its own translation files and by the files in our framework, called Uranium.

First I would suggest to try to get full translations for Uranium and then finish the work on Cura itself.


  • Before you begin:
    First decide whether you really want to translate Cura into your language. There will be a lot of texts and you will likely need to update your translations on every release, as texts change or new ones are added.

  • Requirements
    You will need a launchpad.net account and a browser of your choice. If you really decided to translate Cura into your language, leave a comment here with your language code, I create empty translation files and set here everything up.
    It might take some time, if not even hours. So enough time to take a coffee... or better two..

  • How it works:
    You login to launchpad.net with your user account and visit the translations page for Uranium. On that page click on your language and you can begin to translate.

  • Hints:
    1. Often you will find %s or {1}, etc, in the texts. These are placeholders. For example if there is an error message saying "An error occurred while opening the file %s", %s will be the path or the filename. Forgetting these placeholders or leaving them out lead to errors in Cura. Probably Cura would not crash without them, but your translated would probably not appear or even worse Cura might misbehave. So do not forget to add them to your translations.
    2. When translating some texts there are also suggested translations from other projects. These probably do not fit to the rest of Curas context or even do not contain or contain wrong formatting. Use them with caution.





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