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UM3 Cura2.3.1 adds 3 starting layers PVA at buildplate

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Posted (edited) · UM3 Cura2.3.1 adds 3 starting layers PVA at buildplate

Hi all together,

I tried hard in Cura 2.3.1 to eliminate these 3 unnecessary layers of support, which have been added by cura. If I use only one single extruder, my object is placed directly to the buildplate. But if I activate the second extruder using PVA, I have three additional layers under my object.


The 4th layer is regularly sliced in PLA.


I tried with a custom profile and a standard profile as well, both leads to the same issue. I figured out, that there is obviously a setting in mm, because the layers differ if I change the profile to another layer height.

Has anybody an idea, how to switch off these starting layers? I'm not willing to waste PVA, where it isn't needed.

Many thanks for your reply in advance and merry Christmas to all of you.

Best regards


(writing with Alexandra's account)

Edit 23.12.2016:

I figured out, that the round part causes that behavior. If I split the parts to single ones and load it afterwards in Cura, only the big round part has support on its flat side.



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