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unable to slice


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Posted · unable to slice

Cura 2.4 on Windows 10. Using the Printrbot Play with heated bed. I've imported the standard Play Getting Started PLA profile from printrbot.com (it's a 15.04-style .ini file). This is the very first time I'm trying 2.4, I've just installed it.

I've tried to load an STL file I made a while ago. That STL works great with 15.04.6 and the Getting Started profile and I've printed it twice with 15.04.6. But on 2.4 I get the error:


Unable to slice with the current settings. The following settings have errors: Prime Tower X Position, Initial Layer Height, Raft Base Thickness, Prime Tower Y Position

What's wrong and how can I fix it?

Oh, and maybe I'm blind but I can't seem to find a way to attach the STL and INI files to this post. That's weird. Anyway, here are the files:



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    Posted · unable to slice

    First, cura 2.4 is a totally new program, build from ground up, don't use any 15xx files, plugins etc, will not work.

    Then, for the sake of curiosity (only own Ultimakers) I had a look at the PLAY setup.

    I see there is at least a printer definition available, so that's nice, but it does not seem a very refined one...

    I see by default all visibility settings are turned on, even the ones you definitely don't need, like for dual extrusion, so you probably want to clean this up.

    Also the standard profiles are weird;


    "normal" is 0.2 and "low" is 0.15  - does not make any sense...

    If you want to change the base setup of the machine you'll find the machine definition here;  C:\Program Files\Cura 2.4\resources\definitions

    And most of the base settings can be changed in a menu in the machine settings.

    I guess your quickest solution would be to get some profiles and a project file from someone who already tweaked cura for the PLAY (is there no printrbot forum?)  else you'll just have to do some trial and error yourself....


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