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[UM2] printing large object in PLA fails.

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Posted · [UM2] printing large object in PLA fails.

Hi everyone,

I've designed a case for one of my projects, see picture. The first attempt to print the case failed.


Dimensions (LxWxH): 205x135x100mm.

Problem 1: warping at 3 corners. The material I use is PLA from Ultimaker, with the following print settings:


  • nozzle temperature: 210°C
  • bed temperature: 65°C
  • fan speed: 100%


I used a brim of 4mm and the glassplate has some glue on it. Normally this works fine but in this case definitely not.


Problem 2: The right hole on the picture below should be round (8mm) but it's oval. Support material is set to everywhere in Cura with a grid pattern and a density of 15%. The smaller round holes and rectangle holes are good.


Problem 3: With the default initial layer speed of 20mm/s it's impossible to print the inner- and outer wall of the two holes at the bottom correctly. I have to lower the speed to 10mm/s, this gives a better result althought it's not perfect.


How can I fix these problems and improve the print quality ?



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Posted (edited) · [UM2] printing large object in PLA fails.

For the bonding, have you tried the "salt method"? First, thoroughly clean the glass plate with warm water (without soap, this reduces bonding). Then wipe the plate with a tissue moistened with salt water. Gently keep wiping while it dries, so it leaves a very thin, almost invisible mist of salt stuck to the glass plate. For me this greatly increases bonding, and it works even for difficult models (e.g. thick 100% filled). I never use brim or raft for my models, the salt method works well enough.

For a full description and photos, see the manual:


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