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2Color print booleaned in Cura 2.4

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This is a print that I made with two models in a 3D Package. They were not subtracted from each other. Being 2 color and no support, it does have strings and a few globs to clean out, but I thought it was interesting in that Cura did a good job making a nice boolean and still keeping the nozzle information at the same time. Coulda planned it a bit better, but for just slapping an idea together, I'm happy with the results. Filament is translucent red and blue Matterhackers Pro PETG.

Most of the strings are from the nearly horizontal areas of the print as it built up the arches. The long strings are the excess 'drippings' from the nozzle as it heated up and cooled down. Still trying to dope that out a bit. But they pull off very easy and I can X-acto most of the underside strings easily and then just a bit of sanding and sealing.


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I agree that making things with better intent is the way to go. But I tend to just try loopy things to see what software or hardware do in odd circumstances. What some people see as a flaw, I see as a different application.

The "mixing" is a bit of an optical illusion and a bit not. For the most part, you are seeing through the model as it is translucent and you are seeing the joins and not overlaps. But the top and bottom did do a layer of red and then a layer of blue. It is thin walled and I am loving the experimental feature of hollow objects.

And I am still impressed that it did this as all the Autodesk products I have used would have choked on that boolean op. Cura plowed through it and much faster than an error message in the other things I have used.

Sometimes, it is just fun to play and see what happens. I am still in testing mode and I will try to extrude pancake batter if the mood strikes me!! LOL

OK...that was hyperbole...sorta ;)

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I take no umbrage as what you offered was good advice. Especially since I bill myself, here on this site, as the Clumsy Noob from the Nooberse. But sound advice it was :)

I did think of another thing that is giving the look you mentioned. It was a fractal based shape and it does not perfectly align at junctures with some parts going a bit behind or in front of each other.

But, I was so busy playing I did not think about getting a light source inside. I will have to drill out a hole to insert the light...LOL...duuuhhhhhhh

But, it is quite the testament to how solid Cura can be.

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