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The Noobverse with an observation about hardware and effects of tiny changes

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Posted (edited) · The Noobverse with an observation about hardware and effects of tiny changes

This is not a complaint. All things have been handled quite well. But I wanted to pass along a sort of 'Butterfly effect' that happened when I replaced parts.

When I got my Ultimaker 3+, the feeders were odd. The tension indicator never moved and I could not understand why.

I had to take apart Feeder 2 and, without knowing what I was doing, I sproinged out a small piece or two that affected that feeder. But, feeder 1 was not adjusting properly as well.

The good people at Support (Ultimaker and FBRC8), have replaced my Feeder 2 and the Fan guard that I bent also. Both issues were replaced even though I messed up the parts.

I changed the feeder last night. Before doing so, I opened it up carefully to see what it should look like on the inside as it would adjust the tension indicator properly. I wanted to see how it was supposed to be on the inside.

What I found was the feeders were not properly assembled from the suppliers. For instance, both tension screw adjusters were on the outside and not inside.

I made my feeder 1 match the new feeder 2 assembly and replaced the feeder 2 on the machine.

So, the long winded setup is to state that it made a huge difference in how my material feeds and thusly, my presets I had been calibrating as I could properly adjust the tension for the differences in filaments, either by type of manufacturer.

Therefore I spent from about 10PM until 3AM resetting and testing the new setup to remake a preset. And it made a difference.

Little changes can make a huge difference.

Just passing this along for all the noobs trying to dial in new settings. Keep the hardware in proper shape as it really is small differences that make a difference.

I have not replaced my print-head cable or fan guard yet. Wonder what affect it will have as well. :)

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