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Extruder fan doesn't turn on

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Posted (edited) · Extruder fan doesn't turn on

Hi, I'm new to 3D printing and recently I bought a Prusa i3 S-508. I've managed to assemble everything and get everything to work but the extruder fan cooler, and without that I can't print right because the filament gets melted inside the tube before the hot end.

I've tried this to make the fan cooler work: first, within Repetier Host I can manual control the fan to turn it on with a button, but I press the button and nothing happens. Second, I edited my G-Code from the print and saw that there was a "M-107" command, and changed it to "M106 S255", saved the file and started printing, to my surprise, it didn't work. I thought it had to be hardware, so I checked the motherboard but the cable is connected in the right place, and the fan electric contacts seem to be fine too. Another thing I've noticed is that when I try to turn on the fan, a green light in the motherboard turns on.

If anybody can help me to fix this I would be very grateful, because I don't really think the fan is damaged. Tell me if you need any photos.


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Posted · Extruder fan doesn't turn on

Is this your printer? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Desktop-3d-printer-prusa-i3-s508_60500481910.html

If so, you have a JG Aurora A3 clone (or maybe the A3 is a clone of that, who knows). Anyway, you're in the wrong group for hardware issues on a non-Ultimaker printers. So you may not get much response here.

If that above link is your printer, try the Aurora A3 Owners Group on Thingiverse for help.

If that's not your printer, try the RepRap Prusa I3 and Variants Forum

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