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Wednesday 26th | Introductions

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Posted · Wednesday 26th | Introductions

I want to welcome all new members who joined our community yesterday. 10 new users found their way to our forums, hopefully, we can help them find what they are looking for. We can all learn something from each other. The moderators and I keep a close eye to all (new) posts so none stay unanswered, and it is also a great way to get to know all (new) members. However, there is so much going on every day, I can imagine you wouldn't know where to start. By introducing yourself here, I figured that would be a good start to let us hear your voice :)

Yesterday was also a good day for another reason, we moved to new servers so the website should be faster. Let me know what you think :)

With that said, welcome to the Ultimaker community! Each of you has access now to the countless of experts here and online resources available. Use it wisely ;)

A great way to get started is to introduce yourself. We would like to hear from you! Please tell us something about yourself, like;

- What 3D printer do you have

- What do you (plan to) use it for

- What would you like to learn, or find here?

Since a better world starts with yourself, I’ll go ahead:

I’m SandervanG, the community manager at Ultimaker. (You can tag by writing '@' and the username) I have an Ultimaker Original+ and an Ultimaker 2+. I use them mostly for printing objects around the house that broke and I’m in the process of converting illustrations I like to make into 3D models.

Finally, what I would like to learn is what you fine folks are up to :)

Without further ado, here are our newest members: @Boen2589, @FoggyBonez, @racingspotter, @billsrf, @Dapunk, @ErrinG, @Slewentogzz, @hook_cap, @mlemusgt, @pittsburghman. The floor is yours :)

I'll also introduce our moderator team (your best friends): IRobertI, DidierKlein, Flowalistik, GR5, Neotko and Nicolinux. Our very own superstars.

And finally, some links which might be useful when you are just getting started:

Useful links

Online resources

You can share any 3D prints you have already made here

Let us know how your day was

Looking forward hearing from you :)

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Posted · Wednesday 26th | Introductions

Welcome to everybody!

Don't be shy we don't bite (and when we do we don't leave marks) 8)

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