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UM3 Send API/Gcode questions

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Posted · UM3 Send API/Gcode questions

Along with my recent explorations with the UM3, which fbrc8 has been very helpful with, I had an idea for developing a manual leveling guide which uses the sensors for feedback.

After reviewing the api docs, it doesnt appear there is a current api for sending direct gcode commands. I did test the send print job api, but it simply fails reporting bad request or something.

1) Is there an existing API or way we can remotely send gcode commands and receive the output?

2) What are the correct commands to retrieve/set the current leveling information - bed height offset from 0, nozzle z offsets, etc. I assume this is specific to the UM3

Thank you

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Posted · UM3 Send API/Gcode questions

To be able to do this right now, you need to turn on the developer mode.

Then you can log in with ultimaker@ to get into a command shell.

From there you can use the command sendgcode to send gcode directly.

It will also have the ability to get the information you need.

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