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UM3: Problem with bed levelling

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Hi there,


I´ve got a problem with my UM3 since I printed with ABS.


The auto bed levelling doesn`t work correctly. The distance between the noozle and the bed is:


front right: too far

back right: too small

left side: fits roughly


The only way to get a print is to chance the level with the right screw during printing of the first level.


I also tried manual bed levelling, but this doesn´t work either.


Does anybody has the same or a similar problem with the bed levelling and can give me some hints?


Best wishes




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Hi all, I have the same problem. I made a manual leveling of the plate more than once but the print on the left side isn't fine while the right one is perfect. See pictures below.

My questions (as a newbie):

1. Is this problem coming from leveling the plate or from something else?
2. If it's coming from leveling. What does it mean? Is the left level of the nozzle too far away from the plate or too close?

Any suggestions what to do will drive me happy!


Greetings from Germany




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It looks like the left is too far from the plate.  So I would loosen the screw on the left.  One thing I quickly learned was not to be afraid of adjusting the level during a print.  Keep an eye on it as it lays down the filament and give the screw a quarter turn and watch happens.  Repeat as needed until your satisfied with the first layer.


FYI, it is possible for the glass to not be entirely level, so there you can never get it 100% right, but you should be able to get very very close.  

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@kcel: Thanks for your advise. It pointed into the right direction...

Active leveling working now: Based on the advise from kcel and a thread from somewhere else I fastened all 3 screws of the plate (clock wise seen from below) to their maximum and than I've turned all of them roughly a half turn counter clock wise to untight the plate a little bit. After that I performed manual leveling and after that active leviling worked fine. I've cleaned the print core (first a hot pull and after that a cold pull). Now a different part is just printing. The broader part is left of the plate (seen from above). It's working... I'm still trying to optimize the adjustment of the plate. It's much better now, but not perfect...Where I've adjusted the plate during printing you can see easily. So I think first adjusting and than printing is the better option. But for optimizing the plate during a test print is a very good idea!

Remarks & suggestions are welcome!

Greetings from Germany

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-24 um 18.09.18.png

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New firmware ( solving the problem
To be honest: My post above didn't last so much. After the next manual leveling active leveling faild again. I tried a lot, but without success. Today I've installed a new test version of the firmware ( and started active leveling again. Watching to the printer the routine seems to be written totally different. But after the first try it's working!


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