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Problem with specific filament on my um2+ extendeds

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Posted · Problem with specific filament on my um2+ extendeds

Having a weird issue on both of my ultimaker 2+ extended. This issue only occurs with makergeeks filament. I only use pla right now. Example of what happens is the pink flower. Print has really thick grooves, also some under extruded areas. Nozzle is never clogged, as print finishes. Gold flower is polyalchemy gold rush. This issue happens with every color of makergeeks filament. Seems to be more of a problem when printing at .2 layer height. 

Printing specs:

0.6 hardened steel nozzle
0.2 layer height
Cura 3.3.1 (also had same issues on 3.1)
Using built in pla settings (230 temp with 0.6 nozzle 210 with 0.4) 
Bed at 60 or off (both results are same)
Print speed max 50 and I've dialed it down on the ultimaker directly to even 75% of that speed, no change. 
Flow at 100% increasing this had no change.

While the gold flower looks like it sort of had the same issues I think this was heat caused as the darker areas are not any more pronounced than the other layers. The layers all feel the same height. With the makergeeks pink flower, you can not only see but feel the difference where the lines are greatly indented compared to the gold flower.

Any advice on what to change? Printing at 0.1mm layer height seems okay. But for speed I sometimes need to print at 0.2 layer height.



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