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Scalable Extra Prime plugin not working

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Posted (edited) · Scalable Extra Prime plugin not working

I am using Ultimaker Cura 3.4.1. I have started seeing some underextrusions on long runs and expirimenting with a print that has long moves without printing, I increased the scalable extra prime to 20mm just to see if more made a difference and it doesn't.  I normally use about 1.5mm with a 250mm max distance.  I am not sure when this started not working.  I don't see any extra priming being done.  A diff of the gcode files seems to confirm that nothing is being added.  Does scalable extra prime work for anyone else using 3.4.1?  I have it enabled in the plugins section and enabled in the settings (most of the extra prime setting you have to search using "extra" as you can't unhide them which is another issue but not a big deal.


This is what I have been using to test...



I used the '280x280_mm_Bed_Level_Calibration.stl' file and you need a 300mm print bed of course to use it.


My settings on the last print test...

;SETTING_3 {"global_quality": "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Normal Wanhao D9
;SETTING_3 \\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_version = 4\\nqu
;SETTING_3 ality_type = normal\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\naccelera
;SETTING_3 tion_enabled = False\\nadaptive_layer_height_enabled = False\\nadapti
;SETTING_3 ve_layer_height_variation_step = 0.02\\nadhesion_type = none\\ncarve_
;SETTING_3 multiple_volumes = False\\nlayer_height = 0.2\\nlayer_height_0 = 0.3\
;SETTING_3 \nmaterial_bed_temperature = =default_material_bed_temperature\\nscal
;SETTING_3 able_prime_enable = True\\nscalable_prime_max_amount = 20\\nscalable_
;SETTING_3 prime_max_travel = 250\\nscalable_prime_min_travel = 20\\nsupport_ena
;SETTING_3 ble = True\\nsupport_type = buildplate\\n\\n", "extruder_quality": ["
;SETTING_3 [general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Normal Wanhao D9\\ndefinition = fdmp
;SETTING_3 rinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_version = 4\\nposition = 0\\nquality
;SETTING_3 _type = normal\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\nacceleration_
;SETTING_3 print = 400\\nacceleration_travel = 4000\\nbrim_width = 3.0\\ncool_fa
;SETTING_3 n_speed = =100.0 if cool_fan_enabled else 0.0\\ncool_fan_speed_0 = 20
;SETTING_3 \\ncool_lift_head = True\\ncool_min_layer_time = 3\\ncool_min_speed =
;SETTING_3  10\\ngradual_support_infill_step_height = 4\\ngradual_support_infill
;SETTING_3 _steps = 1\\ninfill_angles = []\\ninfill_pattern = triangles\\ninfill
;SETTING_3 _sparse_density = 15\\nironing_enabled = False\\nmaterial_final_print
;SETTING_3 _temperature = =max(-273.15, material_print_temperature - 15)\\nmater
;SETTING_3 ial_flow = 100\\nmaterial_initial_print_temperature = =max(-273.15, m
;SETTING_3 aterial_print_temperature - 10)\\nmaterial_print_temperature_layer_0 
;SETTING_3 = =material_print_temperature\\noptimize_wall_printing_order = True\\
;SETTING_3 nraft_margin = 6\\nretraction_amount = 1.4\\nroofing_layer_count = 1\
;SETTING_3 \nroofing_pattern = concentric\\nspeed_print = 40\\nsupport_conical_a
;SETTING_3 ngle = 25\\nsupport_conical_enabled = True\\nsupport_infill_rate = 20
;SETTING_3 \\nsupport_pattern = zigzag\\nsupport_z_distance = 0.22\\ntop_layers 
;SETTING_3 = =0 if infill_sparse_density == 100 else math.ceil(round(top_thickne
;SETTING_3 ss / resolveOrValue('layer_height'), 4))\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion
;SETTING_3  = 4\\nname = Normal Wanhao D9\\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metada
;SETTING_3 ta]\\nsetting_version = 4\\nposition = 1\\nquality_type = normal\\nty
;SETTING_3 pe = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 4\\
;SETTING_3 nname = Normal Wanhao D9\\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\n
;SETTING_3 setting_version = 4\\nposition = 2\\nquality_type = normal\\ntype = q
;SETTING_3 uality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname 
;SETTING_3 = Normal Wanhao D9\\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsettin
;SETTING_3 g_version = 4\\nposition = 3\\nquality_type = normal\\ntype = quality
;SETTING_3 _changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Norm
;SETTING_3 al Wanhao D9\\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_vers
;SETTING_3 ion = 4\\nposition = 4\\nquality_type = normal\\ntype = quality_chang
;SETTING_3 es\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Normal Wan
;SETTING_3 hao D9\\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_version = 
;SETTING_3 4\\nposition = 5\\nquality_type = normal\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\
;SETTING_3 \n[values]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Normal Wanhao D9
;SETTING_3 \\ndefinition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_version = 4\\npo
;SETTING_3 sition = 6\\nquality_type = normal\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[val
;SETTING_3 ues]\\n\\n", "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Normal Wanhao D9\\ndef
;SETTING_3 inition = fdmprinter\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_version = 4\\nposition
;SETTING_3  = 7\\nquality_type = normal\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\




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Posted · Scalable Extra Prime plugin not working

I narrowed it down to if I increase the Z size by 1370 percent which gives 12 layers (0.2mm layer height and 2.4 mm total height) the scalable prime plugin adjusts E for all layers (as expected).  If it is under 12 layer height then the plugin doesn't adjust any of the layers.


I wonder what is triggering it to start working.  I use 0.8mm top and bottom thickness.  0.8mm wall thickness  Top layers ends up being 4 as well as bottom layers.  I use a 0.2mm layer height but set the bottom layer to be 0.3mm.


I have included my profile.


Download the test pattern here...



Scale only Z height by 1250% and then generate the gcode and look at it.  You will see that the scalable extra prime plugin didn't adjust E.


Scale only Z height by 1370% and then generate the gcode and look at it.  You will see that the scalable extra prime plugin adjusts E properly.






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