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Posted · UM showcase

some pics of our latest UM build. (w.i.p.)

* Custom frame

* incorporated skyline Tilburg (NL)

* 11 led progress indicator


to do :

* moodlighting for cavity connected to progress indicator bars

* heatbed

* E3D hotend

* print ALL <?> printerparts in PLA/ABS instead of lasercut wood (except for frame obviously)


this ultimaker will eventually replace our store-window UM which promotes 3D printing & UM's to the general audience (also viewable through our 24/7 ulticam)


20130804 16263920130804 16265120130804 16272420130804 16283620130804 16294520130804 16302020130804 16304220130804 16310120130804 16312420130804 16320020130804 16321320130804 163617

20130804 163200


20130804 163617

20130804 163124

20130804 162651

20130804 162836


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    Posted · UM showcase

    Very stylish and "Meet My Maker" is a clever addition! However, the frills in the wooden frame windows would only get in the way of some of my heated bed add-ons. I could work around them but, personally, I'd prefer to have the largest, cleanest windows possible for both my heated bed add-ons (wires, glass plate retention clips, etc.) and hand access to the space of the build volume while still maintaining the structural integrity of the frame (box).


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    Posted · UM showcase

    totally agree on wanting to have the windows as large as can be, but we have enough square windowed UM's sitting around for regular print-jobs.

    This printer is primarily made to attract the attention of pedestrians passing by our shopwindow. It's goal is to show people that technology (and 3D printing) is not scary and can look a bit fun too (we're a fablab that aims to lower the technological threshold for people from all walks of life).

    Hence the disney-ish frills ... for the serious, no-frills characters we have the plain-jane printers inside.

    having said that, the side-by-side pic shows it sitting next to a heatbed-UM ... plenty of room to spare ....


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    Posted · UM showcase

    thats what i call bloody brilliant !!

    why not... ultimaker is a great maschine but when you have so many doing the normal work, why not give one or two a little baby breakfast of LSD ;-)

    Love the kinda MoulonRouge look !! :-)

    Ian :-)


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